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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 30, 2012 6:21 PM Flag


    The numbers were in line. So what really looked good. Well I like that they stated that with sgi-110 greater hypomethlylation equalled greater response. They also stated this was a first for these kind of drugs. The story with generics is that no generic has found a bioequivalent for generics of vidaza and dacogen.

    A company name Tolara is buying the Montigen assets. We own 6% of this startup. Dacogen ownes 42% of the market in the USA. The EMEA annoucement could be soonier than later. Manuso's words. Dacogen approval triggers $5m for ASTX and another $5M once it hits 100M in sales in the G5. So we will know within a year exactly when Dacogen has increased 100M in sales. I stated a year ago, the best part about astx buyout, is that news will be rolling out faster and faster. Markets like news.

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