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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 30, 2012 7:32 PM Flag

    I'm still waiting rory

    Who did you speak too? You google arbitrators in Daytona beach and posted the first name. Now you want distractions. No distractions rory. Let's keep focused on the prize.

    Now are you ready to get serious about this bet or are you going to play games like the scumbag we all know you are?

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    • I never stated I know someone there. Get the facts correct. I stated they handled a arbitration on a property damage insurance claim. It wasn't binding. It indirectly led to a agreed amount.

      Does this mean I can recall who handle this? 9 years ago. How does that make me a liar. You must be a son of a bozo, that you think they will listen to this story and look up their records who handled the arbitration. I can tell you they had good chocolate cookies. That help you.

      You make a bet. You state "you would will fly down". I stated your records have to match exactly to what you posted. Now fly down and bring the checks. They will take us serious if we walk in with the checks and some cash.

    • You want t\me to pay and fy down to Florida. You want me to bring 400k. Cornered ?

      Just make a phone call, I'll send you 50 cents. Do the math, why make me spend money when you can just make a simple phone call ?


    • Looks like rorys cornered again. He cannot wiggle out of a clear solution here. Just like like a scumbag. The Caps by rory show some desperation.

      He wants to run away from a simple solution. Instead he wants me to contact a lawyer, who handled a mediation some 9 years ago. Rory you made a bet, I gave you a very sound solution. You want me to look like a nut job explaining to some lawyer, this situation. I don't think so. Live up to your bets. You can't can you, just like you couldn't pass a simple test. Hurry up sell astx at 2.50 and buy back at 3.00 and tell us how you made money.

    • I need legal advice, what the person name ? Come on bozo the clown is doesn't cost you a penny. Give me your first name my name is rory what's yours. Simple as that. No more talking to bozo the clown, until you give me his name

    • So I call them and explain all this to them

      What;s the hangup. You call the person who was handling your case since you know the person and must be of decent character and let him or her know that rory will call seeking legal advice. WHAT HIS OR HER NAME BOZO ?

    • Rory,

      So I call them and explain all this to them, they listen for 15 minutes and I get a name of someone for you. I tell them a guy name rory will call to confirm. This sounds rational to you. It's a copout and that's what you do. No rory, you fly down with the cashiers checks. Man up. You making dem bets, that you know you cannot keep.

      I know you're a worm and you know you're a worm. Bring the $400,000.00 USA. Bring the statements. Money talks. We show them we're serious. Not these little games you play on the internet. I found the perfect solution, this way I don't waste their time and mine. Will you wear a seat belt in it's a small,small world after all? Your outs of this have been eliminated. If this lawyers states they never heard of case and didn't handle my mediation, you get $200,000.00, if your posts match your brokers statement, you get $200,000.

      YOU THE BIG SHOT MAKING BETS, FLY DOWN FROM HAWAII, bring your drivers license. I'm ready when you're ready.

      They will take us serious if they see the money. man up time rory, no cop outs. We dangle $3,000 in front of them for 2 hours time. You make $400,000. You like to make bets, now follow through.

      Looks like you're only out, is hopes they hang up on me, because I sound like a nut job. Not going to happen bopeep. I gave you a perfect plan to make this work. You're only hope to weasel out of this, is asking for a name. These guys are not going to waste their time, on the hopes that some bet on a anomymous message board. Even a complete moron like you should be able to see that. We show them that we are serious.

      Now what say you, do you use this name copout or do we show them that we are serious. You wouldn't go around making bets that you can't keep would you or better yet have you.

    • Who did you speak too?

      Since you had dealt with these attorneys, give me the name that did your abritration so we used the same person. I will alloww this peron knowing he or she did a good job for you. Just say his or her name and tell them I'll be calling, you don't have to pay anything. I'll call them so they will expect my call. Just say the name ? I'm waiting...

      AHHH, btw what's the new excuse boy with foot in mouth.

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      • Rory,

        Too many times rory you have not lived up to your word. Just this week alone on selling and not selling. When I know you are serious, you will make contact and post who you talked too.

        You're the idiot making $200,000 bets. You stated you want to make sure they are registered. Now make sure. you plike to throw these things out there, not follow through.

        I have another suggestion. You fly down with your $200,000 cashiers check, with the phone number of the bank it's drawn on for verification, plus your share of the lawyers costs. I do the same. this way they will know we are serious. I'm sure some lawyer at their office will like to make a quick grand or two. If you lose I'll reimburse your airfare and buy you lunch. This way no one has to be embarrassed by the other party not showing.

        This sound fair. Give me dates that work for you. Will he weasel out of this. I staed the lawyer can look at your records and just verify the dates match the posts. You have to be ready to prove your 80% in the markets on the date you posted You have to show all your buys and sells match your posts on astx. You have to show the date you made $100 on Bofa. Simple right. If you lost on BofA or as soon as a post doesn't match the post you forfeit the $200,000.00 cashiers check. Now let's get this started.

    • Who did you speak too?

      Who did u speak too, well I'm all ears.