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  • batzem batzem Aug 7, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    Olympic Round Up

    Here is a roundup of yesterdays Astex Message Board Olympics

    Event 1. Interviewing Yourself==Gold Medal Roryrae

    He actually posts a messages with the headline "Roryrae did u buy the OEX" He than answers himself and implies he bought calls (doesnt say which ones) late Friday. Of course he announces this Monday when the OEX was trading up 3 points. If they go down he will later claim he wqs "head faking and didnt buy them. His credibility on his market moves are beyond reproach and beyond belief

    Event 2-Making Someone Else Seem As Stupid As Yourself Gold Medal--FREE/HATE /KYJELLY

    Friday afternoon after the market is up over 200 points Free proudly announces he is buying OEX puts. His imaginary friend Deb posts and says brilliant idea and she has decided to lose 3500 hundred bucks and buys some also. Yesterday as the market continues to rise Free goes oops and says you win some you lose some. He posts again saying he has recieved an email from his imaginary friend saying she hasnt lost enough money so she bought more puts. While she has shared her first buy on the board this second buy is confirmed only to Free in an email. Free then post the contents of this email cause he wants to show he has company in the moron wagon.


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    • "Roryrae did u buy the OEX" He than answers himself and implies he bought calls (doesnt say which ones) late Friday.


    • Event 3. Talking about metals

      Batzem states that KV-a will out perform Silver. Silver doubles and KV-a losses 80%. Batzem states he had a change of heart on his investment and exit, no alert is given. Ironic that Batzem wins gold for Liars and Morons, while down playing silver. Seems batzem has selective memory to misses.

      Allow OEX to play out before handing out metals. It still has 2 weeks of life. However your miss on KV-a is definitely on the platform. Glad you caught Rory's miscue. At least you now playing fair. I thought for a while we would have to surgerically remove your lips from jelly's and rory's behinds.