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  • kyjellie kyjellie Aug 9, 2012 8:37 PM Flag

    Special Olympics

    They should have one for investors. Batzem has never ever posted a stock that he made money on.

    Rory has never lost a dime in lalalala land. Do they have a opening in the talk to yourself post event. Seeems like rory would get gold,silver,bronze and 100 ribbons for qualifying.

    Batzem you seem to carry a grudge. I guess a inferiority complex. It would be nice if you found one piece of DD in 7 years. It would be nice if you googled correct once. Your whole existence on this board, is unproductive.

    Rory is in make believe world. Maybe he's in a self induced comma state. He cannot comprehend a singel message. He has posted in the past how he sold 1/2 of 1/3 of his shares. The simpleton, couldn't even spit out that he sold 1/6 of his shares. He want's everyone to forget how utterly stupid he is.

    I apoligize to the special olympians, rory and batzem, should be there carrying their equipment. In fact I bet 99% of S/O could outperform both rory and batzem in a stock picking contest.

    Buy silver. You already missed $1.50 move.

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    • KY your a liar the only person posting under 3 or more identities and now youre a proven loser on OEX puts. A liar and a loser sounds like a country wetern song .

      How come no one likes you . Because you're always trying to prove how smart you are . If you were so smart you wouldnt have to prove it. OEX puts proved you're dumb. market up 5 days straight. Im done with you for a while its not even a challenge anymore. I might have one more Olympic update for you.

    • Wow batzem calls me a liar. Then show me the high and the low on the OEX 640 PUTS. It should be easy to prove me wrong. They have incrediable premiums. If you look at Sept 640, they actually have something like 9.00 premium.

      But i'll wait patiently for the two dipchits to show me that I'm lying. As for Deb, I e-mailed her. She didn't respond back. So i don't know. Now both of you have one simple choir, show me that I couldn't sell them for 4.00. I'll wait. If you ask nicely I will post the page you need to see the high and low today.

      I know you both have trouble with Google. Batzem only reads the headine and rory has never used it. Now two id's calling me a liar...hop to it. You should have proof. I like how both of you reacted the same. Maybe you guys share the same cousin bloodline?

    • ky yOU'RE A LIAR

      Consistant isn't he max. here we go again.

    • You just proved my point again . Incapable of generating a creative thought. A pitiful existence trying to prove your worth to a bunch of anonymous people on a message board

      While your have viewed the world as heading toward a financial apocolypse Ive been participating in one of the greatest market appreciations of all times.

      Juat got a little to cocky with those puts didnt you.

      I really pity you

      • 1 Reply to batzem
      • Here we go again. Now Batzem wants to pretend he participated in the greatest market appreciation of all time. Bold words. Interesting how the same two nitwits tie their investment careers to the DOW.

        But by the look of things, both rory and Batzem never seem to get in bed with a stock that moved higher. Kv-a ,BofA, ARQL. You guys are keeping the good ones a secret. I see you just want to look like dopes on the sidelines. You got me convinced you're a dope, so well played.

        Looks like batzem is joining rory in make believe world. You make a challenge kv-a vrs Silver and you get annihalated and you want no discussion on it. Between you and rory on challenges, you guys suck at it. Specially in the greatest market appreciation of all times. Watch them OEX PUTS today.

        Batzem did you have to have reconstruction surgury once you removed your lips from Jelly's behind? Had to be painful.

        Actually you prove my point everyday.