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  • jdasilva1703 jdasilva1703 Sep 18, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    Stockwaun and all his alias'

    It's incredible to me that someone can write so called articles on finance and yet pose as multiple people, and not reap the consequences? It is now obvious to us all that this very immature and creepy individual is all those alias' that some were so quick to pick up on. (Funny how none of them are posting now) I do believe that in many states that what he has done, impersonating other identities and trying to financially gain from it, is against the law?

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    • Look, the guy has a small pocket book so he has to hype. He cannot be to good at what he does, if he can only afford one stock at a time. Stockwaun was cheap entertainment for a few weeks. The only thing he brought to the table was some fresh research, that's is all we investors looked at. His shannigians were not especially gifted. The shareprice today would be here, with or without him.

      Now go chase him down and tell him what you think. He has his angle, got to give him credit for working it. If you read his latest post at seeking, you will see all the legal words, to make sure he doesn't get himself in trouble. He has all the backdoors you would expect.

      Call the SEC on the guy, if you're that troubled by him. He must have burned you badly. That happens when you buy into the hype. Goodbye.

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      • He didn't burn me badly, as you stated. I have held this stock for quite some time now, and I don't plan on selling any time soon either. I do however have a problem with people lying, and hurting others to better their pocket book. What if there were people out there that actually believed him, and were not as knowledgable? There are people out there who are not as knowledgable as you or I . I take it seriously when people use other people, and may hurt them in the process, that my friend is called having character. So having said that, yes I have reported him, and hopefully he will be dealt with accordingly.