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  • batzem batzem Oct 9, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Thoughts on Bio Investor Presentatio

    The presentation and slides have been totally redone
    All emphasis on focused on S110 and AST 13387
    There is a real excitement that comes across on these 2 from both Manuso and Azab who by the way does more than half the presentation
    The new catch phrase is "Variety of multiple future valuatio inflection points.
    Here is what is missing or what I found confusing
    They now say they will report prelim results on phase 2 gist for 13387 and on 78 patients on S110 I thought they had promised results on 4 phase 2's With Mp470 gone one is still missing?
    Not one word on SRPT investment . More bucks than milestone payment today why not mention it?
    Did not mention staund up to cancer alliance ?
    Only tangentially mentioned mileston payments on collabotations Certainly stopped with that billions in potential milestones
    Seemed like less hype and more science. a good thing I hope


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    • Batty. SRPT has dropped $12-13 bucks, straight down since high. Find a way to blame Dr. M for that too, won't you?

    • Ma
      Just checked their web site and no mention of AT 7519 there or on any of todays slides. Besides the partnered drugs they listed 4 preclinical compounds. It really does appear we are a one trick pony S110 although it appears this may turn out to be all we need.
      It is no wonder this guy has zero cred on wall street and why the price is not double what it is.

    • They show stand up to cancer on Slide 12. I like their game plan on solid tumors/sgi-110 and what they needed to find in hypomethylation in the tumor. They have a game plan to move it further along as long as they see something materially in the tumor response.

      There was some key points on the sgi-110 or AT3387 that a key biomarker was found that maybe useful on identifying who will benefit the most. I wrote the point down, but forgot which drug it was.

      The third compound to have an update in Dec was suppose to be AT7519. With our luck they have a snag and the street will spank us 10%.

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      • Ky
        AT 7519 has vanished not on website not on slides. Hopefully they will mention they dropped it after announcing positive S110 results at ASH Dont you agree this leads to a lack of credbility by analysts Im all for not wasting time and money on compounds that dont perform in the clinic but there is a better way to do it.

    • Bat,

      Thanks for the recap. Was about to listen and was called away for work issue. Will try and listen ASAP. On the 4 phase 2's in Q4, they mentioned the following as Q4 events on last presentation:

      SGI-110 Data update from Phase 1/2 in AML/MDS at ASH
      SGI-110 Initiate Phase II solid tumor trials
      AT13387 Preliminary Phase II data in GIST
      Amuvatinib Phase II data in SCLC.

      Seem to remember the same about the 4 phase II Q4 readouts but that seems to have changed.

      As I was writing this, I checked my notes. I have an early year presentation and I think I have solved the riddle. They had listed AT7519 Phase II data in multiple myeloma as a Q4 2012 event. Looks like that is gone. Not sure what has happened to AT519.