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  • toowan12 toowan12 Oct 25, 2012 7:31 PM Flag

    Great article - Out of the Red and into the Black

    Disclosure: merlo and batty will hate it. pssst - it actuallys praises astx management. yikes! Well worth the read.

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    • "It can be difficult running two different companies at the same time—one having a sales organization out there marketing, and the other focusing on research and development. It is a lot for a smaller company to manage effectively."

      What sales organization?. McCamant is not up-to-date on the company strategy or structure. The sales organization was jettisoned by current management after Dr. R left the Company and Board.

    • merly, u calling this article worthless is very instructive, as if there was any doubt left u r a basher not an investor. glta longs.

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      • Twana 12
        You seem to equate any ctritical thinking as bashing. and unrestrained cheering as investing.

        I have owned this stock for many years because I think it will eventually succeed Along the way
        there have been many disappointments and broken promises by the Management. I believe KY/Hate will agree with that. The stock has yoo- yoo-ed as result

        Only a fool without cricitcal thinking doesnt constantly evaluate his investments. This seems to describe you twana

    • Sorry too too. Worthless article that said nothing. The authors and commentators were vague. No specifics to support their statements. Why is management good? No new drugs, living off of someone else's work - Dacogen approval was driven by MGI pharmas and is being marketed and sold by JNJ and Eisai. The authors were clueless talking about how difficult it is for a small company to do sales and marketing.

    • Article seems excerpted from "Life Sciences Report".