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  • kyjellie kyjellie Nov 1, 2012 10:34 AM Flag


    The quarter was good and the 4th quarter will look great.. The uncertainity is the thing the street no likes. Dacogen sales never fell a penny with the vidaza survival news. But the uncertainity took the stock to 1.25. We may never see a generic, but the street wants certainity.

    Next year the quidance is for $22M loss, with a $10M impact on cash. We are shifting to burn now. I suspect that Dr. M will manage a breakeven year again. He can figure out how to breakeven, he just doesn't have a clue on making a decent profit.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Think management is sand bagging next year for some reason. Are they trying to lower the price to given themselves more options at a lower price before some "big"event. Where is the evidence that there is a generic competitor on the horizon? Nothing from Eisia or Celgene. Celgene is practically giddy about their results with Vidaza.

      No comments from you Mero and alias. They are useless and retarted.

    • Why the 76 million burn?S110 been developed for 5 years now. At13387 and s110 in phase 1/2.

    • People getting tons of stock options always love the low price of options while they are accumulating. I still think that this management team thinks one of the two most promising drugs will be a home run and wants to get all the cheap stock options while they can. If this stock ever hits the big spike, they will make unbelievable killings. They have plenty of cash on hand, so they see no real need to have high PPS. Probably why institutional ownership is not very big in this company.