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  • kyjellie kyjellie Nov 1, 2012 5:56 PM Flag


    I just viewed the three presentations by ASTX at this conference. Boring. However they are presenting on SGI-110, with a specific target in liver cancer. I wonder if this, is the next ph2 trial, double secret probation trial that is too start in the 4Q?

    On a personal note, In the past few weeks my wife and I have had numerous friends who are reporting that they have cancer. Almost weekly we hear of a friend being treated. I cannot remember a time, where so many friends and family are getting cancer. I hate when the phone rings.

    If our little $2 stock is all you got to worry about, you're lucky. I know one friend who will receive 42 chemo sessions. Bottom line, she will still pass away. Brain cancer.

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    • If our little $2 stock is all you got to worry about, you're lucky. I know one friend who will receive 42 chemo sessions

      Then why don't you(hatesupg, willy wonka, kyjerkoff) go and donate your proceeds or contribute 20% on a yearly basis your hard earn cash toward cancer awareness instead of bringing this topic here on this message board dealing with stocks.

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      • Rory,

        I believe this is exactly what a message board should think about. Instead you want us to listen to loverboy, meropaulgetty, thinkIwetmyself, roryI haven't made a dimein8years. What's bothering you rory, that you tell us, astx headed to 1.81 and it runs to 3.40 or that I'm about to buy back 700 free shares. The thing with you rory, you make claims every day and have only a guess. I actully have a point to make, that can make an investor some money.

        I told you the street would not like the last quarter information. Now who was right? Not you. You actually stated just the opposite would happen after that call. You are an idiot without a doubt.

        Take the $400k you owe me and donate it to a nice charity. You're going to lose it in the stock market anyways. Now I will let you know when I buy back those shares.

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    • "If our little $2 stock is all you got to worry about, you're lucky."


      Very true. Unfortunately, Cancer is becoming more and more prevalent in our Country. Our terrible diet is an important factor. Look around. There is a fast food restaurant on every corner. "Fats and Sugars" contribute heavily to declining health. (Stress as well.)


    • Amen too that. Ive had a similar experience and its been a blessing in disguise. We all worry about unimportant crap. Without health its all meaning less.

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