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  • batzem batzem Nov 14, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    Presentation Today

    I just heard the replay

    The data they already presented on S110 showing the degree of demethylation and clinical response is dose related was for 20 patients. The oral presentation at ASH will provide the same data for 78 patients so we will see if the trend is our friend. I suspect it is. It will be presented by an investigator from MD Anderson

    Significantly they showed a slide of their partnerships. In the GSK box there was a line that read "non-clinical near term milestones of 37 millions pounds" I certainly never saw that before.

    We will see preliminary data from the HSP 90 inhibitor gist trial didnt say where or how in Q4

    As Max says they put up a revenue slide showing 70 mil for dacogen in 2012 and 60 mil in 2013 .Didnt discuss the potential generic competition as the reason for the decline. This kind of thing lowers their credibility even more

    Doesnt mention the Stand up to cancer dream team any more in relation to S110 . i dont know why but this bothers me. I certainly would include it if I were presenting

    Who knows if they get the 37 million pounds from gsk next year and they dont get generic competiion and eu sales are significant they are setting up a huge beat for 2013 . Maybe then the stock pops DR M retires and excercise his options I will be right behind him or hopefully in front.

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    • Don't know why they would understated earnings! Why do they want share price to be under $2 after Manuso says he is focusing now on shareholders? I think he loses more credibility if they blow away earnings. Hopefully Eiasi says something about 2013 Dacogen earnings.

      • 2 Replies to merohricht
      • Hopefully Eiasi says something about 2013 Dacogen earnings.

        Mero, Eisai has so many products and dacogen a like 1/20 of there revenue, its not a big thing for dacogen revenue to be cut in half say 350mil to 175mil but for astx that goes from 70mil to less than 35mil and with the spending escalating with stock compensation, blowup on aisle 8. Why couldn't we sell the rights just like dacogen, we dont have a sales team, we've been doing this to all of our other drugs. Manuso is a dingbat for being inconsistant. SGI-110 shows promise, better than dacogen according to today's conference, so why not get 15 to 20 million up front and milestones. Aren't we paying for the the other trials that sgi-110 is in like overian cancer.

      • Mero
        Big earnings beats move stocks happens everyday. The trick is too under promise and over deliver the exact reverse of whats happened in the past here. And most importantly maybe they want one more set of cheap options this year. Why start mentioning generic Dacogen now at the last minute when the patent date has always been there.

        Look I feel your frustration and while Dr M has been prudent in managing the burn he has been horrible in many other area's chief of which is wall street credibility . But I disagree with your characterization that its all worthless. Its certainly not. My question is if you own this stock ...why?
        if you feel so negative on everything

    • Bat, good recap. Two things: 1. On SU2C, they did not mention but it was on the SGI-110 slide.
      2. The 37M for GSK was on the slides from the Sept 10 presentation. Guess we all missed it.