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  • batzem batzem Nov 16, 2012 1:36 PM Flag


    Do you seriously believe this Management team has credibility or are you that dumb and blind. LOL.
    Explain it to me why the price is 219 always willing to learn especially from a smart guy like u.

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    • Here's what I tink:
      astx has a low market cap, and is progressing much better than most bios which is no doubt attributable to the credibilty of mngmnt (even if not underpaid). I will not make a price prediction. I would be an idiot to do so and you would be a bigger idiot to believe it.

      claims of mngmnt lies and fraud by some of the minions here are meritless and the song of paid bashers and professional whiners

      here is a challenge back at you - provide proof that astx mngmnt has committed fraud or lied (why don't you ever put up?). Of course you cannot which gets to the heart of why would you make such baseless claims and the only possible explanation is that you are a paid basher and or hopeless whiner; prove me wrong and give us some evidence (i blindly love no mngmnt but believe extraordinary claims such as you have made require extraordinary evidence; therefore look in the mirror to see dumb and blind i.e. persons making baseless accusations without evidence).

      Why is the price 219? It's a stock market. Stocks go up and down. The market has fallen 5% just since the election outcome - when the market gets a cold microcaps get pneumonia. And my guess, given the macro environment, we are looking 180 before 400 for astx and guess what mngmnt is blameless for these prevailing macro winds in spite of your determined whines and blames. Another trait from the basher/whiner playbook is to constantly berate mngmnt (anonymously and meritlessly) but never acknowledging other variables such as sector rotation and overall market conditions to name a couple and not to mention economic conditions such as recession. Why don't you give us your astx recession or correction price target? Oh I know it's so much easier to blame astx mngmnt or maybe it's just G. Bush's fault, or whatever?

      Finally, there is a reason why some folks are paid bashers working in boiler rooms for a penny a post and others are running credible public companies and earning large salaries. The first thing that comes to mind is truthfulness. Bashers are paid shills and ceo's of public companies are held to a much higher legal standard (and sorry but you would not last five minutes at the higher level based on your rhetoric here).

      My recommendation for investors who might listen is simple, man up, stick to facts, keep it real, and above all realize we are living in dangerous times and, talk about stupid mngmnt and labor, the twinkie has died.

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      • Twana

        You have a serious reading comprehension problem so i doubt the following will help but I'lll post it anyway. I dont recall ever saying the management committed fraud , see if you can find a post where i said that but they have lied and displayed their incompetence on numerous occasions which i'll list for you

        Criticizing Management doesnt make someone a paid basher in this case it makes them a realist. I am frustrated stockholder as are many others. If you think this is top notch management team you shoul not be allowed to play with money

        Some of their sleaze and stupidity in no particular order

        1.My personal favorite sleaze moment is them using in their corporate presentation a slide showing an scan of a patient responding to MP470 , only problem was the patient was dead. This is the height of sleaze maybe even a lie. We all know what happened to MP470

        2.Their 2006 purchased of Montigen we all know what we got for 40million . ZERO

        3 For the last year presenting they will have a read out on on four phase 2 in the fourth quarter. Suddenly one disappears ... they never mention what happened and refuse to answer sotckholder questions ... sleaze and a lie.

        4. Touting their purchase of Astex for 100 mil plus. A company that in 13 years never got a product to even phase 3 . Touting 2 bil in potential milestones that in a year has dropped to under a billion in potential milestones. Geez why didnt some one else steal this :gem; before us

        I could go on and on but I doubt it would penetrate . Yes the general market has deteriorated but we have deteriorated at 3 times the market rate. Its pretty embrassing when a fund manager asks the CEO how he can jusitfy his outrageous compensation package . Havent seen that too often but it happened here.

        He has done one thing well manage the burn . THAT IS IT.. Projects come and go with no explanation as do potentiall spinoffs. . Yep Im a basher ... you sir are a #$%$

        Our market cap is a reflection of institutional support and confidence in the Management ....


      • Hey too too,

        Batsem tells the truth and has documented the repeated lies!