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  • silverold silverold Dec 1, 2012 6:13 PM Flag

    Missing persons

    "Watch for the words Epigentic Priming."


    I agree. If it works, it could be big. (Real big.) Do you have an opinion on the "fiscal cliff?" Do you think Congress and Obama will make any kind of a deal before the end of the year? Thanks.


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    • Here's what the democrats want:

      They want taxes, no cuts.
      They want the debt ceiling to be unlimited.
      They want to hand out more entitlements.

      Watch for the student loan bubble. Look at how Obama is out there still campaigning. They don't want too solve this. Not one penny in cuts. They actually ask for another $50B in stimulus. New York wants $80B for Sandy.

      Watch how they try to make everyone with 401K, now have to buy US Bonds with their savings. They will dangle the carrot that anything you lost in them in the past 5 years, will retroactivily put back and you will earn 3% interest on them. Greece just learned that 77% of their state pensions were in Greek bonds. Amazing, these are the same bonds that are talking two haircuts.

      Japan has a debt to GDP of over 200%, they finance within. The world governments want to follow that same stategy, finance the bonds with all our retirement accounts. This way no one can cash out, you have to accept payment over time. If China pull the plug on bonds, it's over, but if those usbonds are owned by the public and they are locked in, the bubble can keep expanding.

      BTW silver you never responded to looking at the new wording on the perspectus of SLV. Better read and understand it. Paper metals is not safe. Buy PSLV, you pay a premium, but the metals are there. Look at how many countries are asking about their gold stored in NY and London. Germany has been refused several times on seeing their gold. The only way to hold metals down in price is selling someone elses metals 100 times over. Dumb dumb laugh at silver going to $500 an ounce. The best Christmas gift you can give this year is silver Eagles.

      I informed this board to start buying silver again at $26. Were at $34. We will see $100 before 2014.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Found this very interesting. Not that i believe anyone but rory and I are on this board. But maybe dumb will get the picture:

        Open your eyes. Identify, for yourself, the signs of the tyrannies of collectivism. The easiest way to identify a collectivist is to observe how he proposes to help those in need. If he advocates true charity (the giving of one’s own money) and freedom-of-choice to give or not to give, he is an individualist. If he advocates pseudo charity (the giving of other people’s money) and the use of taxation to coerce everyone to participate whether they choose to or not, he is a collectivist. The use of coercion for redistribution of wealth is the foundation of socialism, communism, Nazism, fascism, and all other variants of collectivism.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • "BTW Silver you never responded to looking at the new wording on the perspectus of SLV."


        I really don't trust any of the ETF's. (SLV Fund Summary: " Although the fund is not the exact equivalent of an investment in silver") I just trade them on a short term basis. The only thing I really trust is the actual gold or silver in my "hands." I really don't even trust the safe-deposit boxes in the banks. Years ago, when I was a kid, I used to watch a stock market show where one of the guests was the owner of a place called "Jonathan's Coins." He sold gold and silver and he also stored gold and silver for his clients. His motto was, "It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep. That's what matters." One day, it was reported on the news, he was "just gone." He followed his own advice. He "kept it all." I don't know if he was ever caught, but I always remembered that story. I said to myself, if I ever had any gold or silver, I sure wouldn't trust anybody to store it for me.

        Silver storage is a problem. With gold, you can store $200,000 in a relatively small area. If you want to store $200,000 in silver, it takes 50 times the space. Binion (Las Vegas Horseshoe) buried his silver in the middle of the desert. (Of course he had millions in silver.)

        Hate, how do you handle the "storage problem? A safe?