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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Dec 4, 2012 7:51 AM Flag

    December 14

    Max please write Tim to see why this is held in December. Wait, forget it, I'll do it myself.

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    • Write Tim and ask him what the 149 people do all year.
      Also ask him if Manuso has family members on the payroll, it’s not enough that he treats the company like his own ATM.
      Ask him when, if EVER this management team will actually launch a new approved drug in the market place. Target date please!

      Unless and Until this team puts one, just theit first one, over the goal line NADA!
      Everything else is just noise!

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      • Target date? Well if we all wait for the announcement, we will pay $25 a share. Granted they have stumbled, but at the same time grew cash. If you want a sure thing, buy bonds. The next few weeks maybe very good ones, the information is being released. This is what gets investors interested. Be thankful, that you had a buying opportunity at lower levels. Opps I forgot rory...aka think, was a seller. Apparently Tim ignores Think also....isn't that special. Actually everything that rory posts is just noise. How's that 1.81 prediction working out?

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    • Funny my friend funny....

      Find it funny that Buckland is speaking about partnerships and such. Don't remember him speaking last year. Good news??? Who knows. Very curious timing as you say Sybil.


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      • Amazing how they have conditioned us to expect bad news no matter what the occassion

      • Sybil,

        Interesting you use those words maxi. Isn't that the words I posted about rorys aliases? I posted my original message on Axalyst meeting, three times under ky, but yahoo police would not allow the correct spelling. So I switch to free to post. I agree it was funny, but somehow your low self esteem, just couldn't let it go. I got my point in. Thank you very much. Expected the exact reply.

        Batzem, have to agree with you, we are conditioned to expect the worst. Maxi makes also a good point about Buckland. I also noticed they want 25 minutes on hsp prostate and sgi-110 Ovarian. Just keep your fingers crossed that they have no damage control as a motive. Because with no bad news, then this is really good news.But first we have to escape anything negative.

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