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  • buysell1929 buysell1929 Dec 27, 2012 1:39 PM Flag


    One way to extend expiring patents of old drugs in pill form is to combine two or more into a single pill. The combination can be patented. While this is not the combination in a single pill is it possible that the treatment (dacogen and vaccine) can be patented?

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    • Batzem,

      Answer the man. This one is on you to call him stupid, like you called Deb. Buysell wait for Batzem to respond too your question. In the past we have had a huge disagreement on this subject and Batzem spend 10 days and reserach it up and down and came back with exactly what Deb posted.

      Answer the man Batzem.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Buy Sell

        You are correct "if it were a combination" pill it could be patented but would not help Dacogen it would help the developer of the vaccine. But since its not a pill it cant be panteted The treatment would not be patentable only the vaccine.

        KY your friend Deb and I did not reach the same conclusion. She insisted that sInce so many studies were being done by J&J and Eisai that Dacogen patent would be extended or why else would they do the studies, I said the patent could not be extended( past the pediatric extension.if they get it . I was right she was wrong . Ive been trying to keep the peace but you do love conflict dont you.