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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 Jan 4, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    APAX Partners

    Thanks. Checked another site and they are listed as a owner but the reporting period was Feb 29 of 2012. Don't they have to file a 13G if they sold out as they were a greater than 5% owner?

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    • Thanks very much for the information.
      I believe this supports what we have been seeing in the non-performance of the stock.
      There is some big money being taken off the table by these folks. I am sure if there was some break through news that was about to be revealed they would not have moved right now. They are in a position to know more than any of us as to how soon.
      We longs have to continue the waiting game, looks like another year or two? What do you see?
      The most frustrating part of this is the continued raid on the cash by the bonus boys. I still would like to know if Manuso has family on the payroll of the company as well?

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      • 1 Reply to thinkabout1120
      • Your welcome. Brainfart, you make no sense at all. Sell brainfart. It's comical watching rory in action. Here he wants investors to believe he's long, but the road is all uphill. Now he wants to know if the manuso's are on the payroll. Call tim and ask him, he needs a good laugh.

        Rory claimed to be selling at 2.31 and claiming we hit 1.81. Using the Think Id, he believes he can get those shares back. Sorry Charlie that ship has sailed. All the stupid talk in the world is not going to get those shares back. Chase. Pay up for being a Idiot. BTW if the institutional guys knew more than anyone else, they would all have been on the sidelines when it went from 7.75 to 1.25. BVF and Apex wanted to get a buyout, when that didn't happen they moved on.

        Family on the stupid low for think...aka rory....aka....mero....aka....towan....aka....mdbobblehead....aka.....jelly.....aka.....lltinvest....aka....lovingfriendship. Loverboy wants his shares back, but at a lower price. Not going to happen. You chase or you keep whinning. The price keeps going higher. Whomever wrote the $3 calls, are not happy with this flirting. Is that you rory, you scared they get your shares. That's why the stupid talk?

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