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  • mistymackin mistymackin Apr 28, 2013 10:47 PM Flag


    Ok here is my question I have read all these bashers topics and comments that lol has just became members in the last week thinking they know everything about this stock well answer me this all the analysts and bashers were saying last quarter that astex was gona lose drastically and blah blah blah well astex shut everyone up last quarter what makes ya think its not going to happen this quarter ...
    1st ---- I personally believe that if their is a loss it is already factored in by the market makers their not going to let this thing go this high with out having that factored in ...
    2nd --- last quarter their was no royalty's from what i have read so far I might be wrong but even if their was it was small very small dacogen sold past the first milestone in the first 2 weeks that it was available lol this is several months later i cant wait to see how much it has made to give us the royaltys off of it
    3rd---- someone is eating up blocks of shares and stock piling shares and trying to increase their position in astx just look we lose a day we double the next day .... Friday we lost the first part but someone came behind and smacked them shorters in the butt like a newborn lol and we ended up .01 in the positive
    4th ---- I am not very good with puts and calls but from what i been reading someone is gambling on this stock not going down for awhile

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    • Today is when the tires meet the road lol. I don't see anything posted by longs, that would give me comfort that this could go higher.

      Everything changes. It's pretty easy to read psychology. When 100% of investors are bullish, the next trade is going to be down, and when 100% of them are bearish, the next trade is going to be up. When you run out of bulls, you have nothing but bears left. LOL.

      Let's just watch how these bulls tell you it's headed to $9-$15. Misty you buying any shares at this price? I know the answer! " Are you nuts!"

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      • ummm no your right im not buying any shares im a long you crackhead i have had my stock for a very very very long time we will see buckethead ,,, and i agreee with another poster its funny they are announcing after hours today then Needham tomorrow and dont forget the dinner planned for tonight .... tooo many things going on for a stock that is fixing to show a major major loss in my opinion and a stock that has gained 105% in two months lol ... shorty go buy some stilts you going to neeed them real real soon to keep up with the big boys or should i say boys and girls ....

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