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  • mistymackin mistymackin Apr 29, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    dinner today with chardan

    does anyone even know what chardan capital markets does well let me let ya know so you dont have to even look it up
    Full Service Global Investment Banking for Micro, Small, and Mid-Cap Companies

    Chardan Capital Markets, LLC is a privately held investment banking firm with a focus on micro, small, and mid-cap markets. Our full range of services includes capital raising, merger and acquisition advisory, strategic advisory, equity research, institutional trading, and market making

    i dont know about you but im beyond interested now wish i was a fly on the dinner table... could be 1 of three things
    1) they are getting financial information on how to invest so they dont lose all their money maybe possibilty
    2) they are getting advice on a partnering a few more drugs in the pipeline to keep costs down . possible
    3) they are having dinner going over information about a possible merger or acquisition of the company

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    • They are getting a chance to interact with senior officers of ASTX and they will get approximately the same pitch that is given to other firms and publicly. Given the SEC's current head-hunting program on insider trading it is extremely unlikely that any non public information will be discussed.

    • Maybe they having dinner, because CEO knows that burn on the way. Why expand a ph2 this late in the game? My thoughts first they didn't have enough positive events or second big bio wasn't impress with the numerous non events. Only 10% showed a response. If 90% are showing no response, that makes it difficult in trials that you have to show survival benefits. Looks to me Astex management knows the hand writing on the wall. From the sound of this board, they should be lined up around the block waiting to buy this company out.

      Misty are you a dude? Certain statements indicate a more male tone. Women have a distinct posting style, you don't. Does the drapes match the carpet? lol.

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      • 1 Reply to bucketlist88
      • wow just because i Am smarter then your inadequat childish self I am a boy lol i can promise you im allllll girl let me guess im a cross dresser lol look at my pic bonehead you just wish you could get a hotty like me instead of your blow up doll you keep having to patch with super glue lol lol lol... and for the expanding the sg110 trial they expanded it to cover other ailments and you must be on crack because they posted positive updates on sg110 ... get over yourself it is a superdrug and when they clear it to enhance other drugs effectiveness this will not be a out of the park hit it will be out of the universe... and only 10% your right but tell the whole story thats 10% tumors completely gone and over 50% drastically reduced to a amount that can be manageable..Thats over a 60% survival rate using sg110 hmmm you didnt mention that did you ..... wow you are really something at twisting words i got to give you props ... OH YEA DONT FORGET ABOUT THE NEW ANTIBIOTIC DRUG EPIMEROX ASTEX CO DEVELOPED === MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY

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