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  • desseree69 desseree69 May 2, 2013 10:21 AM Flag


    Nice to see this stock recovering .....that article did not help. A truly astute person with business savvy would not short this company based on others "thoughts" but would do their own homework, and base their educated opinions based on their own findings. Not on some fly by article or some annoying naysayer. Time and findings will eventually support this company's worth. I believe that this is not a company that should be shorted but should be held so that you don't end up like some that did short. Then they end up regretful over doing so, by chasing it, so they can get in again after realizing their mistake. I personally see this company having great potential. It may take a year or two, or less, but I too see this company will flourish and they will indeed prove the naysayers are wrong ,with time.....nothing happens overnight. Having said that...have a great weekend everyone! :)