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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 2, 2013 12:54 PM Flag


    Or do you like to be called rory. At what price point will you pretend that you bought this at the lows. You have a difficult situation, with being the last of rory's ids that claim that you got out right before the selloff. Even though the night before you were critcizing bucket. Let's see if we have this right:

    Rory out at $2.31 missing the run to $6.95.
    Batzem took his ball home and then a few minutes later bought back his shares. Causing him to lose capital gains for another 11 months. Very shrewd.
    Jelly road this down for the third time. Previous trips over the cliff included buying supergen in the $50's, then average down and watch that go to the $1's. This time he's watch it go from $6.90 pumping all the way to the current shareprice.
    Think well he's still waiting for unless and until. I saw were he just posting someing incoherent
    Mdbobblehead....why did you stop using that one? id. Sounds just like old rory. I'll save that for later.

    You boys have had a rough ride lately. Maxipad has to figure out how he can pretend he owns shares if it goes up and maintain that he sold if it goes down. You guys got squshed and everyone knows it. It was nice doing business with you idiots.

    I love the bit where you have weightbyou post asco coming and then maxi criticize him and jelly correct, then maxi corrects jelly. That was all so convincing. Inside that punny little brain, you think that works.

    Now you all go back pretending that you're not the same investor. But no ones buying it and you shouldn't be selling it.

    I stated for years that I would never sell astex, until I see something I didn't like with sgi-110. I got out at the near highs. Made a nice bundle and left you holding the bag. Cannot get any better than that.

    One last remaining thought you spent 13 years posting #$%$ ola. Only 12 more to go. You made nothing and now you know the rest of the story. AMF.

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    • LIAR LIAR pants on fire:

      You said "I stated for years that I would never sell Astex until I see somthing I didn't like with SGI-110"........blah blah....see above....

      KYJellie on Feb 26th at 2:15PM this year. KY is you Free., Hate, Bucket, others....

      "I decided to cash in half my position. By doing this I have Zero bases in the remaining 35K shares. The street looks like it could careless about dacogen generic news. Maybe something going on behind the scenes? Insiders have bought and moved shares to trusts".

      You are a F@$@# liar and a complete psycho. You have no friends and family. You sit in your home watching reruns of "Alice" and playing with your blowup doll. I urge you to seek mental help.

      Yup dude....the gloves are off....

    • Read the first two sentences and stopped. As I said yesterday, you are a deeply deeply disturbed person. You should seek help.

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      • maxipad,

        I never sold any shares then. If you want to fly down to Daytona beach, I'll be happy to show you exactly what I did. BTW i'm not kyjellie. I never admitted using the free id that I was. Did I? I didn't care if you thought I was kyjellie. In fact someone else asked my permission to let you think it was so. There are a lot of investors who saw through your games and they wanted to expose you. I bet I get at least one a month asking about rory's ids.

        Well it's nice to know that you wore gloves when you had your lips planted on jelly's behind. Now do you want to take my test? Prove me wrong that you are not the same person.

        Nice chatting with you the past 7 years. I have other investments to attend to. You get mad as fast as rory does, when you get surprised. It was fun screwing with you. It past the time.

        Now everyone knows the rest of the story. Bye rory.

      • yep free you need toi believe that we are all the same person who think you're a schmuck .. But trust me we all individually think you;re a putz. Im sure you experience this all the time. Have one of your other identities write something nice about you . You'll feel better. Maybe you can average down on you 28 dollar silver position with your Astex profits. See you//