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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 7, 2013 10:59 AM Flag


    How can all these IDS not have an opinion now. Michael,batzem,jelly,way2hot,weight,mero,think,rory,max,silver,deserre,lltinvest,misty,buysell,eastcoast,jim.

    For 12 years you have stated you know what's going on and today everyone silent. Would like to hear from each of you about these 8m shares. I wrote Tim and got a akward answer. The board needs your undolt opinion, but the flock has vanished into thin air. Is there some hinden good news here? Stock trading down. Just a few days ago, it was headed to $9. Now silence.

    Put your thinking caps on and this is the time that you should be explaining everything. I guess you all out of town at the same time. Where's there a DOLT convention in MAY? How did all these options get the same date? One of the rocket scientists must have a opinion.

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    • Hi Free, long time no talk .....When you said you wrote to Tim and he gave you an awkward answer, what was it, I 'm curious.
      The reason I cannot always jump onto this board is that I work , so I don't have the opportunity to come on here as often as some do, like the Bucket character. BTW, I love that I blocked him, such a naysayer, it was ridiculous! He has too much time on his hands.

    • I'm here, just nothing new to comment on. Manuso always does the same thing with his options so no need to say anything.
      $5.90 looks like near term resistance. Not sure of the support. Maybe today will test support.
      RSI has cooled off to neutral for a few days. Consolidation, capitulation (no), weakness (maybe).
      Time to go to work.
      btw, I was eastcoast, now i'm just me.

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      • No ideas huh? It seems that you all have an opinion until we need a good one. Jelly you claimed it was headed to $9, where's the support now. Batzem you dolt, gerbal got your tongue? This is why you need another 10 id's, because when you get cornered, you cannot lie your way out of it.

        Next question who sold and who held? You're all good at making things up after the facts like maxipad. Think showed up today. wasn't even embarrassed that he missed the run from $2.50 to unless and until it hit $6.90. You would think that all these aliases would now have a rational thought between them. They all band together in the wee hours of the morning, but now all have taken a carnival cruise and maybe all fell over board. Now the dumbest ones batzem and jelly...aka rory. I guess we can call them from now on DOLT and BOLT.

        Well they have to regain their composure.

    • owwww i have a opinion free look at your other post and you will find it but i got to go its time to drive to the doctor i will check back later when my daughter and I get back and see the stupid comments that will be written it will never fail ..... and i see this stock leveling off at 5.00 flat maybe 4.75 but it will be awhile before this goes to 9 thats for sure

      Sentiment: Strong Sell