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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 8, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    The STING

    Great movie. It's about how they set you up with your own greed. Even when you get taken, the mark (that's you), believes in the end they got off lucky. See you being told you got off lucky, because long term the pumpettees will be right. The old price target is now raised by the pumpettees. before it was $9, now they hinting at $12 long term.

    This is how you get taken, the sting can go on for months. They cannot rob the valuation in one heartbeat, because then they get stung also. How much they steal from you already, $1.34. Bet you didn't even feel the hand in your pocket. The sting started by the trading pattern, the pumpettees reinforced that trading pattern over and over. Next time turn the tables, you will be wiser next time, or will you? Did anyone notice how the pumpettees are leaving the ship. One even has a strong sell now. Same human waste that pumped this at 3am.

    They may actually let this rise some, then the selling will start again. The pattern is always the same. if you transposed the trading pattern of other biotechs that elevated and then sold off, you maybe have a chance to walk away with a profit. But a good sting usually gets it all. Now just play the theme song to The Sting in your head.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • "They may actually let this rise some" Brilliant analysis. So if it goes up you're right if iti goes down you're right. Way to take a stand. Love to know who "THEY" is. Im shocked a bio stock up over 200 % IN 6 months could have a correction. This has to be the first time this has ever happened. And you knew. Have you considered writing a book.. Why waste your time on message boards. Dont forget to tell every one when to buy again . Hanging on your every word.

    • so bucket how far you think it is going to get shorted down in your opinion I personally think it will retrace its 2.50 to 3 again and stay their till around Halloween then skyrocket to a new high
      I have a question why when you go to the fda gov website and you go to the THIS WEEKS NEW DRUG APPROVALS.... IT SHOW DACOGEN DECITABINE INJECTABLE INTRAVENOUS EISAI INC MANUFACTURING CHANGE OR ADDITION under the new drug list does this mean they are stating its ready for a generic or does this mean i was right and they are trying to postpone the generics from coming out .. I wana make sure i ask properly and not MAKE WAY WRONG INFORMATION

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Right out of the gate someone threw 22K shares at this. NO MAS, was echoed loud and clear. NO MAS a famous boxing fight had those same words. Google no mas and you will understand. I got my feelings hurt, looks like one of the pumpettees thumb's down me. Please No Mas with the thumbs down.

      Sentiment: Sell