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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 24, 2013 7:58 AM Flag

    Pumpettees sound the trumpettees

    You are barely above the $5 , institutions are not going to hang around much longer. One pumpettee stated this week you cannot time this stock. This is what pumpettees do, they make up excuses. Here's a little riddle, at what lower price, do pumpettees finally admit that they are not all that.

    This is what happens when third graders get in the investment game. You never had a chance. The game is rigged, but you had one opportunity to un-rig it and what did you do, you sat there in denial. Congradulations, you are an INVESTOR. Let's put this in terms a third grader can understand, if you had 10K shares, a month ag, you had $69,200. Today it's worth $51,200. Do you see the difference now. But you were all too busy pumping this at 3am and taking potshots at me.

    I warned you about this board. They wanted a pricetag on work that is still three years away. I believe the stock would be much lower, if not for the slow move by generics. In a few weeks we will get the second quarter numbers, you better hope there's some positive news before December.

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    • You still don't see it, do you Buckette...

      You said, " if you had 10K shares, a month ag, you had $69,200. Today it's worth $51,200. "

      The fact is that in November those 10K shares were worth 25K and now they are worth 53K... That's a double. And as Think said, I am an investor, not a trader. I don't know what they will be worth in a year but I expect them to be worth more than 7. That will be a triple. meanwhile you will be sitting on your short term profits that will turn into losses if you are wrong just once.

      If ASTX takes a 50% haircut from here the shares will still be up 10% from November.

      You talk about the CEO's lousy advisor who is letting him pay 40% taxes for his short term gains but you are going to pay the same rate for your short term gains on that short position that you cashed out of in less than a week.

      You are funny... The CEO is dumb for taking a short term gain but Buckette is a genius for taking a short term gain.


    • Will you be taking the the holiday weekend off Dolt? Its really getting boring when its not comical or a complete outright law.

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      • This is what I like about this board. No shame in what the pumpettees tried to do. They lost $160M in valuation and still no clue to any of it. Good for you batzem, maybe dense is the key to investing. I thought on Monday we would revisit the posts where I gave clear and consise instruction on what was developing with astex.

        I'm afraid that as dense as you are, you will forget this lesson and make the same mistakes over and over.

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