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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 3, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    What went wrong

    Pretty quite over the weekend from the pumpettees. I guess now that they have ran out of excuses. Today they could buy back 42% more shares, if they had not been so full of themselves, with wild predictions of $9 a share. You got taken by the crooks and pumpettees here.

    Just for your information....astex has now given back $195M in market cap. How much did you contribute personally?

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • So, your mom still does not know that you are spending all of your time on a blog instead of looking for a job huh!
      You see your role here on this one stock board as a champion advisor for the public good?
      Something does not seem right here, I suspect a very disturbed individual.
      Many of us reading this torrent of minuet by minute rants wonder what has triggered a person who has no position in the stock to be so obsessed.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy