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  • batzem batzem Jul 12, 2013 3:02 PM Flag


    The end of the world a generic which was discounted months ago and taken into account in company guidance. Market reaction to the event the stock goes up .Bucket Goes Down.
    Bucket comments additional trails means S110 is in trouble. To freaking stupid to comment on.
    Bucket predicts price of 2.75 which he maybe be confusing with his IQ
    Bucket misses 30% move which for those who averaged down at the 4 level have recouped what ever loses there were from the high . If not doesnt matter the 6.90 price will soon be a thing of the past along with Buckett
    Once a dolt always a dolt.

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    • we are up 30%+ in last 14 trading days. how come the bucket of s%&* of brains forgot to predict the bounce and tells us all to buy. he left so much on the table. what a dolt

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      • Have your fun pumpettees. The same group that talks about longterm, have very short term memories. Little math for Pumpettees, you're still down $16,000.00 on valuation for every 10K shares you own.

        Since these two pumpettees want to point to a different direction, how about either dolt expreess how many shares they own. This way they can show us how smart they really are. Neither expresses that they only got back 45% of what they gave up. Well soon the focus will turn to burn, so I can be patient about reminding you of this fact.

        Well you hope and pray that something materially happens and I still predict $2.75. I don't have to sweat out the impact of the next 3 years earnings. You do. Don't you fret about the street understanding this investment, when dacogen sales start to go south, they will not hang around to find out. The shorts are already preparing to make your 30% move look like a nonevent.

        I believe the focus becomes burn, specially after this next quarters earnings. It does seem that when one pumpettee posts something here, it's sure to get echoed by another similar response. Just be careful of these fools, they look at losing $16K as if they made money.

        Last chance to preserve what you have or don't have.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell