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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 30, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    Monday/Thursday reporting

    It seems that the tandem twins question my post. Did either of them have the brains to actually look up the dates of release of quarter reports. No, they are not that bright. Here are the dates of the past four reports and discussion dates.

    Monday April 29, 2013 Quarter 1 (After the close)

    Monday March 18, 2013 Annual update (After the Close)

    Monday Sept 24, 2012 3rd Quarter (After the close)

    Monday July 28, 2012 2nd quarter (After the Close)

    If you look real close they have nothing to do with the beginning of the month. Definition of a dolt, look in the mirror. Does batzem and jelly help dress each other?

    I believe we need some smarter pumpettees. Thursdays meeting is either to announce something important, which I doubt or was set because they know that some fallout will be released in the Eisai update that comes Aug 1, This is basic damage control and pumpettees do not like anyone knowing it. It seems every time the pumpettees try to discredit my info, they whack themselves over the head. No wonder the same group that attacks me, are the same group holding for 10 years.

    I like you pumpettees, I couldn't ask for a dumber group. It's almost like all the dumbest investors on the planet assemble for this one stock.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Companies tend to release bad news after the close, not before the open dolt. Bend over and open wide. Earnings for this quarter and next both include full contributions from Dacogen. Why cant you understand that the eventual drop in revenue will surprise no one except maybe you ,
      We attack you because you lie incessantly and post half truths to further whatever twisted agenda you have, But then again people in the 'real world' must think you're a jerk also . Even your ID is a lie Free. Get help.

    • Let’s get this straight. You own no shares of this stock and have no position but you are transfixed on this stock to the exclusion of any others.
      Additionally, you do this only as a “public service” to inform other that this stock is a dead duck.
      You have no other reason except to help others with your wisdom since you have sold all of your shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to thinkabout1120
      • I hear the same thing repeated daily by numerous posters on this board. I believe you're the ones fixated on a stock. So much, that when someone besides yourselves offers some input, your reaction is to insult them. Everyday I'm told I don't belong here. Well neither do you with what I see. But you have your opinion and I have mine. I'm really shocked that with so many individuals here, that there's no actual communication to each other. This a strange board of pumpettees.

        All correspondence is directed at me. No one really watching the henhouse. Strange bed fellas.

        Well you keep presenting your point from multiple angles and in the mean time, I'll present mine. May the best investor be right.

        Sentiment: Sell