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  • Barginator Barginator Dec 30, 1997 11:45 AM Flag


    Curious as to why FDA approval to sell Nipent
    did not move the stock significantly ? Was assumption
    of approval built into the stock or does Nipent
    not impact the bottom line significantly ?

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    • "I worked for one of those old Bristol guys for 7
      years and his instincts on compounds is unparalled in
      the industry. He is, in my opinion, the world's
      greatest medical oncologist. If he says that the drug's a
      good one, I'd bet my life savings on it! "

      felt like throwing a stone sorry EAD

    • is now known as Cinderella, and not the Great

      SuperGen is now known as the "Prince"

      and Wrongbuy
      is the "Godfather" whose job it is to bring these
      two crazy kids together. So now, instead of sitting
      in a pumpkin patch, Wrongbuy is running around the
      pharmaceutical kingdom with a glass slipper trying to get them
      all together for the perfect fit.

      He will sell
      where and when he needs to to keep the clock from
      striking 12:00 before all this can happen...

      this meet with your approval, King Wrongbuy?

      maybe he could just be the King whose trying to force
      his fence sitting son, the Prince (SUPG) to marry
      Cinderella (The PPP)...

      Not to imply that SUPG is
      fence sitting.

      This could work, Trib -- You're a

      Wrongbuy could say things like "I think they're dancing,"
      and/or "Cinderella is trying to kiss the Prince," and/or
      "The Prince tripped over Cinderella's big

      I like it...

    • He can just be the plain old godfather.

    • Yeah, I like that , the pumpkin waiting to take
      Cinderella (the PPP) to the ball, and SUPG can be the
      prince, shopping around the countryside with the glass
      slipper in it's hand. It only fits the right

      Wrongbuy can be the fairy godfather.

    • The Great Pumpkin can't become a turkey. Someone
      might shoot it and there are negative connotations to
      waiting for a "turkey" as a pharma partner.

      Yes, Chas, I like it... the Great Pumpkin had to
      temporarily turn into a coach to help Cinderella get to the
      ball (this can refer to the price rising

      Then, of course, when the PPP (proposed pharma partner)
      arrives, the pumpkin coach can be a chariot of

      But somehow it doesn't seem right to have Wrongbuy
      sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for a

      I think that the PPP (Great Pumpkin) will just be,
      mega-pharma style, fashionably late...

    • Since the Great Pumpkin was a bit late, can we
      change the storyline slightly? Do we now have Cinderella
      waiting for her pumpkin to change into a chariot at the
      stroke of midnight? When does the clock strike?

    • I like having choices & options in life. In this case, me thinks not.
      Thanks all for the "option" education without losing any money!

    • been there, done that. :)

    • The other side of the options equation is that
      someone bought the call that you sold, thinking the same
      thing you did, namely to make a profit. One of you will
      lose money. Options are not a sure fire way to lock in
      profits, they are not guaranteed. If you sell (write) a
      call for $35 and the stock goes to $40 before
      expiration, you are obliged to sell your stock for $35, even
      though the market price is $40. Then if you want to
      still own that stock, you have to pay $40 to replace
      it. Or else you have to buy back your option for more
      than you received for it initially. Options can be
      very tricky, you need to know what you're doing. The
      most common way to learn about options is to lose
      several thousand dollars figuring out all the things you
      didn't know.

    • What you have been reading about goes well beyond
      simple buy-sell decisions. Using options might be
      considered fine tuning your investment skills. They can
      provide additional leverage and/or profit

      The $4.00 & $5.00 you saw is called a premium and is
      only a part of the profit equation.

      The one
      thing that should be said that hasn't been... While
      writing an option is a conservative way to lock in
      profits, your stock is tied up until the option position
      is resolved. DON'T DO IT unless you really are
      willing to sell.


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