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  • An_Drasda An_Drasda Feb 16, 1999 11:24 AM Flag

    Camptothecins & RFS2000

    Is RFS2000 more effective than the other

    As of now, one can make only "historical"
    comparisons, as there are no comparative clinical studies

    There are two CPTs on the market: topotecan and
    irinotecan. These have quite different properties.

    Topotecan is aproved in ovarian cancer and small cell lung.
    Topotecan is inactive in colorectal, PANCREAS and lung (non
    small cell).

    Irinotecan is approved in colon,
    has MINIMAL activity in PANCREAS, and has some
    activity in lung.

    Toxicity is mainly
    myelosuppression for topotecan, while it is severe-life
    threatening diarrhea with Irinotecan.

    So, CPTs can be
    very different. There are three others in clinical
    studies, one by Glaxo, one by Idec. So far, they have very
    limited efficacy. One other compound from Daiichi is just
    finishing phase I so it is too early to know the level of
    activity. Many other compounds are being investigated,
    including those from BMY. I have not yet seen that BMY has
    a compound selected for the clinic yes, so they may
    have some promising early data, but still fairly far
    away from the clinic.

    RFS2000 has manageable,
    mild toxicities. I hear it is rare that they are
    seeing other, life threatening

    RFS2000 is certainly more active than Topotecan in
    PANCREAS. Topotecan had two trials, both completely
    negative. RFS2000 is more active in PANCREAS than
    irinotecan. The irinotecan trial was samll, and therefore
    difficult to know how inactive it is.

    RFS2000 is
    quite reasonably better than Camptothecins with higher
    activity in PANCREAS ca. Anyone with an understanding of
    the disease and the lack of effective drugs near FDA
    approval, should understand the potential of RFS2000.

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    • An,

      Yes you are right that is too early to
      tell how effective a treatment MGI-114 is going too
      be. It is in PII trials with the NCI and the company,
      at total of 8 PII trials and one Pediatric PI.
      MGI-114 has shown responses in pancreatic and prostate
      cancers (news items). As far as toxicity, yes there is
      toxicity but it is controlled with other drugs.


    • I have been in this for 21/2 years saying the
      same thing you are saying. You gave me encouragement
      though. You want it to go down a little more. If I stay
      in it, don't worry it will go down some more. Let me
      know when you want it to go up and I will sell. It
      works every time. I have lost a ton of money on this
      one. I bought it at 18 one time. I will help you if I
      can. :o)

    • for me to see non-company documentation that presents rf2000's
      human results to date.

      Thanks in advance.

      Surf Maverick

    • As you know, I am quite new to this stock and
      have at this point just dangled my toe in the water
      (enough that I won't be sad that I missed out if it takes
      a big jump). I don't see that there is any urgency
      however and am hoping that the stock will continue to
      slid down a little and perhaps make the warrants a
      little more attractive. Otherwise, money permitting of
      course, I too may add to my stock holdings over the next
      six months.

      Todays news was also encouraging,
      although it was not clear to me what kind of timeline we
      are looking at for the mentioned expansions in use to
      take effect. Any thoughts?

    • For whatever its worth (no pun) I increased my
      holdings. The past week of posts and the references that I
      was given helped re-assure me of this company. May
      the patients first and then the stockholders profit.

    • Sometimes I feel like a kurd!!!! Waiting for SUPG to go up is like a Kurd waiting for a country.

    • Check it out.
      SAN RAMON, Calif., Feb. 17
      /PRNewswire/ -- SuperGen Inc. (Nasdaq: SUPG, SUPGW) announced
      today that renowned oncologists from leading medical
      institutions across the United States and Europe gathered in
      San Juan, Puerto Rico, on February 12th and 13th to
      discuss clinical findings and future developmental
      strategies related to SuperGen's proprietary drug Nipent(R)

      "Clinical data from more than 25 centers presented at the
      symposium clearly demonstrates the breadth of Nipent's
      efficacy in a variety of hematologic malignancies,
      including chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), cutaneous
      T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) and low-grade non-Hodgkin's
      lymphoma (NHL), as well as autoimmune diseases," said
      conference co-chairman Michael Grever, M.D., Professor and
      Director of the Division of Hematologic Malignancies,
      Johns Hopkins Oncology Center.

      "Nipent also may
      play a significant role in hematopoetic cell
      transplantation and graft vs. host disease," Grever added. "The
      greatest potential in the future will involve Nipent in
      combination with other agents."

      "The conference was a
      resounding scientific success with far-reaching implications
      for SuperGen," said Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld, president,
      chief executive officer and chairman of SuperGen. "The
      new indications, including various leukemias, bone
      marrow transplantation and graft vs. host disease,
      cumulatively address markets with a potential of over $500

    • an Drasda:
      I have two critical questions which
      I would value your input ...based upon your
      knowledge do you feel that RFS2000 is very likely to be
      more effective than Lilly's rather ineffectual drug?
      Would you hazard to guess whether the efficacy is
      likely to be sufficient so as to result in early
      termination of phase 3 trials with rapid progression to fast
      track approval?
      Thank you in advance for your imput.

      • 1 Reply to inflamman
      • I am optimistic, but to be sure we will all have
        to wait for the Phase III randomized study comparing
        RFS2000 to Gemcitabine. BTW Gemcitabine is not
        ineffective. It has been shown to prolong survival.

        the results of the RFS2000 Phase II study, presented
        at ASCO, are confirmed in the Phase III then there
        will be SIGNIFICANT superiority to Gemcitabine.
        Agreed? And everybody, including patients, will be happy,
        except Lilly.

        As for early termination of a Phase
        III trial, IMO, I'm sure the experts there will
        consider interim evaluation. They have a lot of experience
        in clinical trials and I really have to defer
        judgement to them. I have the utmost faith.

        I'm not
        worried one way or the other though, SUPG is legitimate
        and so is RFS2000, whether they are able to terminate
        Phase III early or if they complete Phase III.