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  • gburns_50 gburns_50 Mar 18, 1999 2:18 PM Flag

    MGI 114

    I have not found any evidence that MGI 114 is
    toxic, if you have evidence please point me in the right
    direction. As a matter of fact I heard that the CEO of MGI
    Pharma indicated at the confernce over the weekend that
    it wasn't toxic and was working in PII trials. I
    heard the SUPG people were in the room for the MGI
    presentation so maybe someone can comment or at least post
    some supporting information. Thanks in advance but
    until you can post supporting evidence it's all bull.

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    • I assume you are a supg stockholder. As I mentioned there has been considerable discussion about MGI 114 on the sugn board where your question has been answered. This is a supg board.

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      • I have read the SUGN board and have not found the
        answer either. I did read that MGI114 was toxic but
        another poster asked for specifics and details. He was
        told to read the company press releases which I did
        also. He then posted asking for specific detail. Again
        this was not given. I am an investor looking at
        investing in this company or MGI Pharma and am trying to do
        my homework before buying. I thought someone on this
        board could could help me find out the facts. I guess I
        was wrong but thank you anyway for telling me to go
        elsewhere. If you do have specific information on MGI114
        toxicity I would love to read it but have been unable to
        find specific details. I would hope everyone trys to
        do their homework before investing hard earned cash.
        Bye and Good Luck