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  • cut2kwik cut2kwik Jul 23, 1999 12:23 AM Flag

    Bite me Wrong

    Have you gone crazy. Talking to Wrongbuy like that. I know he said you could do no wrong, but you are pushing it. What kind of wine do you drink?

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    • The stock does not know that Wrongbuy owns it
      now. I have goldplated it for him, thereby making it
      undetectable by the stock gods. Gold is like cryptonite to the
      stock gods. They cannot see through it. It weakens
      their powers.

      The Town Crier is... well, he's
      not really a crier... the Town informant is Wrongbuy
      (yes, I'm sorry, but it's true. He knows what's going
      on... you just have to learn how to read

      Boogins is easier to understand though, if you'd rather
      listen to him..

      dshlm is smart, you can listen to

      What's going on? That's easy... people are starting to
      figure out what we already know... SUPG is a great stock
      to own.

      Since you've been lurking ever since
      falling off that turnip truck, you might as well become
      the town something-or-other. I am the town alchemist,
      leper-colony inhabitant, pom-pom girl, and dating service. I
      have two on-line romances ongoing (between other
      people of course) and all around pain in the ..., just
      ask c3ipo. BTW, we have a saint, an angel and a
      knight. Oh yeah, and the king, Wrongbuy. You are really
      going to have to indulge his fantasies though, I'm
      afraid, or things won't go so well.

      Oh, by the
      way, he kinda knows a lot. Ask him.

      meeting you.


    • They are not due until 2001. With SUPG flying to $$$, $18.18 is cheap.

    • I did not buy CLTR, i was just looking at it this
      I have red everything I could on it and was not
      impress with
      the mecanism of action of BEXXAR. The
      fact that this drug activity is related to targeted
      approach is nice but the activity
      related to iodine 131
      was deceiving... and it's probably the
      reason of a
      lot of side effects.


    • I do not mean to overstate the obvious, but the
      stock does'nt know that you own it! Whoa...very
      Ouch! I'm all bruised up from falling off the turnip
      truck as it passed by your village.
      Who is the Town
      Crier? Just call me the Village Lurker. This will be my
      last post. Farewell my fellow SUPG Cerfs who toil the
      land here . Think of me when our Lord J.R. takes us to
      Market. G & T's all around!

    • I'm seeing the same thing. Datek 326k in volume and yahoo just updated similar. Somebody speak to me.

    • Am I seeing this right ... My real time quote
      system says SUPG has traded 332,500 shares, but Yahoo's
      15 minute delayed quotes shoe only 122,000. Did SUPG
      really trade 210,000 shares in the last 15 minutes?
      Where is the volume coming from and it must be buying
      because the price is up.

      Anyone know what is going

    • Ead turned Wrongbuy's darts, only the SUPG ones, to gold. I am now also the village alchemist. :o)

    • I am seeing an increase in stock sales/volume in the last hour ... is there some news?

    • Well, the power of Wrongbuy works everywhere. I
      tried to sneak in and buy some CLTR and the stock gods
      caught me.

      It is going straight down after my
      purchase. I hope those guys over there never find out. I
      should have let them know I guess. So they could get out
      if they wanted to. I just thought maybe this one

      Wrongbuys Phenomenon:
      After purchase: stock goes
      After sale: stock goes up.

      Woe is me.

    • If you would like to see a impressive reccomendation and analysis on SUPG - go to and type in SUPG.

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