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  • vet_of_bio vet_of_bio Oct 12, 1999 7:59 AM Flag

    One thing today


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    • for that mental image, first thing in the morning, of you in a thong with a tattoo.

    • Pancreatic cancer cells frequently over express
      both VEGFr and HER2.Drugs designed to surpress these
      would seem to be important alternatives to
      RF2000.IMCL's 225 and DNA's Herceptin both fit the bill.DNA has
      publically stated that they were looking at pancreatic
      cancer as a possible line extention for

      Aside from the possible benefits to patents,these
      products using
      diffeent mechanisims of action may well
      be used in a cocktail with RF2000 rather competing
      for revenue.Only time will tell.

      I am long
      on SUPG but short on science.If anyone can shed
      further light on this, would appeciate it.In a multi drug
      coctail produts with different mechanisims of action may
      well support each other.


    • Ead, I glad we're all having a good laugh. Spank
      the shorts. What a great day technically. Through the
      resistance without a problem. My gut tells me that Joe R.
      won't give the shorts a breather if he has his way.
      News must be soon. When this stock hits 75 in a year
      or so, I will personally post a picture of the
      Supergen logo that will be tatooed on my filthy rich
      lawyer ass. It will be on my right cheek where my wallet
      usually sits. I might even parade it around with a smart
      but masculine thong/banana hammack at my favorite
      resort. Yes, I might have had a few Johnny Walker's
      tonight in celebration but, I will do the ink on the
      butt. My wife won't even care when I give her a little
      SUPG profit to spend. Isn't life good?

    • I'm going to do something outrageous at $30 --
      wait and see!

      I don't know enough about the
      investment side of biotechs (money), but I think it's safe
      to say the higher the stock is when the partner is
      announced, the higher it will be?? huh??

      too much celebrating. ;o)

    • Short covering is going to make this stock rocket
      when the partner is announced, but it will come back
      to earth right after that. I think it will probably
      stabilze around the $30+/-5 range for a while until
      further announcements.....


    • Just following along..I owe alot to
      you,Boogins,and others as I sit here carving out my pumpkin.

      Do you or other want to speculate where we are going
      in th enear future.. 30-40? I really miss the good
      old days when things were not so serious on this
      board and one could laugh a little. Best wishes to all.

    • Today's trading activity was roughly

      35% retail
      15% unknown sources

      last trade
      2,000 shares @ 25 1/2

      I was watching live quotes
      for awhile today and the 1k, 2, 5k blocks were
      amazing, many @ ask. Watch for the daytraders.

    • I have only one of these "." in my portfolio and more of these "," :o)



    • Even though I already was carrying quite a few
      shares I was tossed today when the move happened as to
      whether to sell or buy more. I chose to buy another 1000
      shares at 24 3/4 instead of selling what I had. Boy am I
      glad I chose that route.

      This could get really
      interesting for the next few days/weeks.

      Good luck to

    • Don't want to be an I told you so . BUT I told
      you so. Poor market will not derail us. People need
      to put their sales proceeds some where, Why not us.
      Momentum players now coming on board. See you all at 30
      soon. If too fast a move expect some backoff with
      support between 22-25 .
      MAKA I don't know if EAD was
      ever on the ENML board but I was. I was one of the
      original early inside investors. Sold most of my postion
      too soon ( 19 ) but still kept a few thousand as a
      keepsake to remind me of my victory. My wife said your
      throwing away our daughters college money. Boy was she
      ever wrong. She ate those words. Now I invested some
      of my others daughters monies in SUPG and it is
      paying for her wedding this JAN 2000 GO SUPG GO

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