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  • Wrongbuy Wrongbuy Nov 17, 1999 9:41 AM Flag

    Please (The Pumpkin Rolls On)

    There are two things that everybody needs to do
    (maybe three)

    (1) THINK 30

    (2) DON'T

    (3) (OPTIONAL) BUY

    This will give me all the
    support I need to maintain what we have.
    when you least expect it........... :o)
    PS (Terry)
    Woe is me.
    PS (EAD) You are a true patriot. Not to
    mention good looking. (Saw your picture)

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    • Ten dollars!!!! Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much money I've made on SuperGen?

      Good morning.

    • Well put, circle. Although the usual chorus will now all chime in, I think it needs to be said once in a while, because this volume of inanity ruins the message board.
      By the way, funny name.

    • please. I am usually mean spirited and pricky.

      but really, beyond the stupid shots at each other,
      can't we agree that ead should shut the hell up once in
      a while? I have not met anyone that I was willing
      to spend a second meeting with that was as
      self-aggrandizing and such an egoist. This is a unilaterally
      declared expert in everything, who knows only the most
      important people and they all share their insights with
      her, who could have worked with great god Dr. Joe, and
      who types 150 words per minute (an average of ten
      characters per second -- try it yourself).

      I don't
      mind the need to support a fragile ego, but once in a
      while, can't you please participate in the Great
      American Post Out?

      Give me an address, and I'll
      send you ten dollars to GIVE IT A REST

      apologies, board.

    • You said that very nice, but I don't agree. I
      don't think Ead should change anything in the way she
      posts. I think she should write whenever she wants to.
      She's informative, and she's fun. That should be

      Thinking 30 with you Ead. You go, girl!

    • Well, ead, I guess it's my fine analytical mind
      that makes me a good investor....I can't help but
      offer some efficiency and effectivenees

      First, though, I mean no harm with the

      Your 40-plus posts in the past two days would take up
      one complete Yahoo page. It's too much.

      posts can generally be broken down into several

      - specific and informative information about the
      efficacy and attributes of supg products.


      -a rare but Very-Much-appreciated comment about
      supg's strategy as it might relate to the timing of
      price movement.

      -chants and cheers for price
      movement (with no proven correlation to-date as to actual
      price movement).

      Why don't you just do 4
      scheduled posts per day in each category? You could title

      b. Hi's, GoodBye's, &
      c. Chants and Cheers
      d. Clinical Observations and

      I think this would give everyone who is interested
      in one or more of the categories something
      consistent to look forward to, and a schedule would increase
      the overall effectiveness and efficiency for

      Thanks, in advance, for considering and accepting this
      post as a positive observation, with no criticism


    • It is not good for me to go there. So I don't.

      The goddamn helplessness(sp?) is the worst.

      Good Night I am outa here. 30 tomorrow.

    • But.....but.....

      But, I made it all up!
      Right on the spot! Really, yeah, that's right - I made
      it up myself.

      Wow, I started an Urban Legend.
      And I also don't live in the city. If I can make any
      extra $ starting urban legends, I'll be investing it in

      Thinking $30!


    • I can't cut & paste in AOL. So I used my
      husband's EROLS to do it. I thank Gregg for reminding me of
      the patients behind this, Cut. Comic relief is how I
      cope and avoid... that and they would not be happy to
      see me moping around all the time. They would have
      wanted me to be me. My flakey posts are never meant to
      be taken as serious as I hope my serious posts are.

      I'm sorry about your parents too. You are younger
      than me to have had to loose your parents so young. It
      is hard to watch once strong and vibrant people
      fight, fade and loose.

      Maybe we can all stop
      picking on each other. It should not be fun.

    • about the Clam shot.
      I too lost my Father and Mother to Cancer and I want you to know I understand your serious posts.

    • One time a day is enough if he does this

      Why do you continue to attack people?

      I love you BIG boy.

      Cornhole Clam. Ha Ha boy
      that has a nice ring to it. LOL
      Night Sweety

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