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  • longtimesupgfollower longtimesupgfollower Dec 23, 1999 11:33 AM Flag

    harvardmba sure is starting to sound

    a lot like our old friend JR_BS. I wonder....

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    • A few rambling thoughts:

      1) Thank you for
      the information re: the ABT alliance. I hope that
      there will be analyst confirmations during the next 2
      weeks. I agree with McMonalpha that the company should
      provide a straightforward summary of the deals - on their
      site is fine. Well, I'll mention it again at the next
      stockholders meeting (in May).

      2) I remain confident
      that supg negotiated from strength ... and cut an
      advantageous deal.
      My warrants are starting to look real
      good - I like paying $9/share.

      3) I am
      intrigued with the focus on delivery systems. The company
      has already got the extra technology. That, coupled
      with the inhaled technology - and a novel way to
      sustain emulsions for longer periods of time all might
      well add up to a very effective new line as well as
      providing a key differentiation point for
      generics/off-patent products. Hmm. I'll need to look into this in
      more detail - Boogins got any thoughts about
      combinations here?

      4) Happy new century to all on the
      board (except for the twerp who posts doom and gloom
      with no back-up data ... the "rape of supg by abt"
      come on - get real).

      dshlm (from the outback
      ... I am using my sister-in-law's old Mac ... it is
      soooo clunky)

    • Soon.

      Post # 8941 by

      >>>>>>> While I was complaining about things to a member
      of the IR staff at SUPG she told me I would soon be
      seeing more details from investment analysts.

      Post #8950 by

      >>>> The details will be out soon enough and this
      board will be pleased. <<<<

      possible could you please define "soon" in days, weeks or
      months or what you feel may be likely and

      TIA CJ

    • yes, Taxol reacts with the PVC and plastics... so
      they do use alternative materials which are sold in
      packs along with the TAXOL supply. I don't remember if
      these "packs" are from somewhere else, but I think so.

    • Regarding your point B I hope you are right in
      your presumption. I've read and re-read that portion
      of the bloomberg release numerous times. I still
      don't know what it means. Is it purposely nebulous? .

      "The agreement calls for Abbott to make up to $150
      worth of additional one-time payments,
      including equity purchases that would
      give Abbott as
      much as 19 percent of SuperGen, Rubinfeld said."
      (pasted from the e-mail the SUPG IR department sent
      In my opinion, if the $150 million is cash milestone
      payments than this is a good deal. If the $150 million is
      for 15% of SUPG then the cost to ABT is about $37.50
      a share.
      A press release should be
      understandable and not just released to bloomberg, and then
      whispered to analysts. If the initial purchase was at $35 a
      share SUPG got a $3 million premium over the price of
      SUPG at the time of the news release for the stock
      they sold ABT.

      PS - Being told by the IR
      contact that the company would be giving more details to
      the analysts is unsettling to me. I resent selective
      disclosure on any company I follow. I hope you are right
      about the $150 million being cash milestone payments.
      Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for an
      analysts report to come out.

    • These details that litlebucks is bringing to
      light are the first I've heard of as far as the option
      expiration date and price are concerned. 42 months from now
      $85 dollars will be a huge bargain to ABT for SUPG
      stock, I believe. Also, the additional payments for R&D
      and royalties is news to me. If all this is true,
      then Dr. Joe has indeed cut a deal highly beneficial
      to SUPG, particularly if no equity changes hands for
      the $150 million in milestone payments. ABT also did
      well with the options since they are not at risk and
      can only win if SUPG is successful. 50/50......I love
      that part of the deal. This deal was built to give
      both companies incentive to help the other succeed. In
      case you can't tell, I'm liking what I

      RE: Taxol, EAD does taxol react with
      polyvinylchloride and thus the restriction of use with PVC? If so,
      are there other plastic or perhaps non-plastic
      delivery methods to ventilate that aren't reactive?

      Litlebucks....thank you for your informative post.

    • litlebucks: thanks

      Thanks for the post. It
      was well-written and gave me some new avenues to
      explore in my research on SUPG. I am still holding all of
      my shares. However, I saw two recent messages on
      Silicon Investor's SUPG board where the posters sold all
      but 100-200 shares of their SUPG holdings.

      wrote: "The consensus is that the press release on
      wednesday was written by ABT and the information SUPG
      wanted included was left off for some reason by ABT. I
      have heard that Dr joe was very unhappy about that and
      discussed it with ABT. ABT's answer was put the details in
      your 10 k."

      The SUPG SEC filings could prove to
      have some valuable information. Maybe, SUPG will even
      put more of the details on their

      Happy holidays and a Prosperous Portfolio to you and
      all of the lurkers and posters on this board. MLD38

    • Working for a major-pharma, I suspected as much
      about the announcement as you so kindly informed us

      Remember peoples, ABT could care less about SUPG's
      investors (only their own). HOWEVER, ABT does has vested
      interest in SuperGen's success.

      I do believe that
      Dr. Joe has just spoken. Thank you, Dr. Joe for
      hearing us.

      Pacer... the missing pieces that
      littlebucks filled in are all true... Dr. Lenaz has never had
      a drug turned down by the FDA. In fact, his name is
      connected to the most successful anti-cancer agents in
      oncology history. Another true fact -- every early
      compound he was proud to stand behind was a blockbuster.
      Every compound he had doubts about and would not stand
      behind, were usually done and forgotten in Phase I. The
      man has a nose for what works. That's not hype...
      it's fact. I understand that Raj was just as
      successful on the Regulatory side (correct me if I'm wrong,
      but I don't believe I am.)


    • No... BMY never had a "patent" on TAXOL, just
      "exclusivity rights." Its semi-synthetic formulation is
      patented and its delivery system, as our new envoy here
      has just pointed out, but not paclitaxel itself. So,
      it is quite feasible that paclitaxel with an
      alternative delivery system could be sold by SuperGen. Taxol
      cannot be infused with any standard PVC tubing.

    • I have put my trust and $$$ in Joe and Larry, however, it is nice to have some of the blanks filled in.

      Thanks again!

    • And thanks for the info. The more info the better . TAXOL is not patented?

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