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  • digmoney2 digmoney2 May 3, 2000 12:05 PM Flag

    Got back from

    my walk and see that it was not long enough.
    Without starting something that sounds like being an
    atheist can somebody please tell me why some stocks are
    going up today. This is supposed to be such a sure bet
    and I am into it way to heavy. It is kind of getting
    to be the "enough is enough" deal. I will never sell
    though as I am in to deep. To put all the blame on the
    market seems a little too convenient for me. This is not
    blasphemy, this is just a question.
    Been in longer than

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    • motive. I won't invest without doing a
      "SUBSTANTIAL" amount of due diligence. I have a normal job
      (Engineer) during core working hours, and I rely on a couple
      of individuals to also do some due diligence.
      Individuals who have proven themself over a period of time.
      NOT HEARSAY!! He's flying into Detroit tonight from
      New Jersey to do dinner with me and my family. I'll
      ask him some tough questions!

      If I find
      something I don't like about this company, I won't bother
      You've made up your mind, and that't fine. I've been
      there and didn't want to listen to anyone else. I lost
      my ass.

      Good COMEBACK regarding options, I'm
      sure your friends on this thread will congratulate

      Only time will tell with both companies!!
      We'll see who's right. Let's hope we both

      As always, IMO.

    • I will never change my ID! Try again!


    • No Brainer.

    • His response offered no due diligence whatsoever.
      He's owned MOGN for three weeks and first heard about
      SUPG two weeks ago. Since buying MOGN he's been over
      here talking about it. His hot stock tip is based on
      hearsay from a friend. Oh gee, options are available on
      both companies - great work.

    • Don't feel bad. I have been long here since the
      beginning and if I get caught thinking I have to go stand
      in the corner too.
      If you are going to post here
      it is all blather all the time or boom you get your
      ass tore up good. We are down more than 50% off our
      high and EVERYTHING is somebody else's fault (market,
      shorts, MM's, etc.) even Hitler didn't enjoy blind
      Maybe tomorrow........

    • up the good work, and don't listen to anyone.

      I was only trying doing some due diligence on BOTH
      companies. You said, "Fair Enough, and Good Luck". I thought
      that was a good gesture!

      This thread, like most
      threads, bash anyone who doesn't share their view point.
      You'll learn eg244. I'm a person that means no harm, and
      you're not an open-minded individual. I was only trying
      to share some thoughts, not spamming.

      up the "lazy work" and don't make money on SUPG and
      MOGN OPTIONS. Then again, you probably don't
      understand how they work. In a volatile market, you can make
      a lot of money with options, especially if you
      straddle both sides!

      Thank God you're not a
      salesman for SUPG, they would be out of BUSINESS.

      As always, IMO. WORST OF LUCK TO YOU!

    • I never requested an update. So quit spamming and go the away like CVA did.

    • <EOM>

    • but I have heard some very positive things about
      MOGN over the last two weeks. I'm not here like
      CVA_43. It's not bad to LIKE BOTH companies. Look at MOGN
      and especially the secondary offering price ($43.69 -
      Barron's 5/15/00). Low FLOAT and NO SELLERS. The stocks
      been trading extremly well considering. This could
      explain the $43.69 offering price.

      I know this
      isn't the MOGN thread, but you wanted an update, so
      here I am. Still looking into SUPG, but like I said
      before, I have a friend who knows MOGN and their products
      and their potential. He knows the industry, and I
      won't question his knowledge. Keep an eye on
      Nasdaq:ORCH - He also gave me this one at $10.50 after it's
      IPO. He's very bullish on this one also. I don't own
      ORCH - waiting for a little pull back before I dive

      If you want to make money, the options on
      both companies (SUPG/MOGN) look very attractive,
      especially with ASCO coming SOON.

      As Always, IMO.
      Good luck!

    • Fair enough - good luck.

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