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  • betasplen1 betasplen1 Dec 10, 2009 4:06 PM Flag

    Good news!!

    Guys, I was tired of waiting for David Hadley to call me back and so I called the manager of Licensing/Policy & Strategy/LAVA Program, Mr. John Mott at 505-665-0883 (see link below). I asked him whether he could confirm the deal with BMGP and at first he was trying to recollect as he said there were like 14 licenses they were working on right now. After I said it was the Integrated Optical Biosenser for Malaria to Biomagnetics Diagnostics, he said "Yes, I remember that one now" and confirmed it! I didn't want to waste any more of his time and thanked him and hung up. Now, the tough part is getting shares down here. I got only 1,300 shares from the 50K bid @ 0.16. This is exciting news, for me atleast. I will be building my position to 200K shares over the next few days. Cheers!

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    • Buying down here has proven to be extremely difficult. You could probably get 30-40K shares per day if you are lucky. I need another 83K shares before I am done. The good thing is there is nobody selling anymore. So, we should get a very good run when the next news release comes out. Hopefully, I will get my fill before then...

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      • My 50K finally filled. I noticed something though. The total share volume reported for pinksheets double counts a trade. For example, when I bought 50K shares, someone sold 50K shares, but the total volume for the day increased by 100K shares! That's not the case for nationally listed stocks as they list a buy and sell as one trade. I checked it thrice today as my 50K shares filled. Therefore, I made up more than 50% of today's volume and I only bought $8,500 worth of stock!!! This is being traded really thin around here folks.

    • Just raise ur bid a bit to make sure you get them. Whats a cent or two when this is announced? Once they release the info and\or follow up with Public radio, .16 to .18 will be insignificant. Great update on your call though. I had a nice chat with Dave as well, and he said it is customary for them to make announcements on any licensing deals. So whether we see the PR tomorrow or not, it is coming. When these things happen a couple days here and there wont matter. The goal is to make sure things keep lining up so we can build bases and then grow, then build higher bases, and grow. You get the gist. After Los Alamos announces, their deal with bmgp, bmgp will reciprocate with a steady stream of news deals with other countries, and along with updates to the trips Clayton will be taking. We should get updates about trips to all three and letters of intents in each. India, China and Africa.

      Clayton loves to speak of his company and the new developments in the near future. He is very positive that there is so much coming, just a matter of how to disperse it to mazimize shareholder value and confidence. These should come in like a domino effect, one falling down to the next and then to the next. All while getting us closer to the exchange uplift, and then BAM, could butt right up to the Gates grant right after moving to the ob, otc.

      In that order, these will be major milestones that will show shareholders visibility into the company and its direction. And moving off the pinks is one step that is very important to maximize the exposer and smother out doubt about them as a company. A lot of the manupulation and purposeful hurtful tactics will slowly go away when we get better protection from better exchanges. Thats why i say let them play for now, soon it will be traded and protected much better once out of the thinly protected pinksheet levels. Also allowing for more establised fund platforms who can include our product.

      Crawl before walk. But getting off pinks takes us away from crawling and allows us to walk along side with much better protections. And thise who are manipultiong the pps today know their window is getting smaller as the days go by. Cause each day gets us closer to the audit being complete and us upgrading exchanges. So one of the 12 weeks plan is now gone. And hopefully February we say buy to pinks for good.

      It will be a lot better to get the news in bmgp through official PRs and not the boards. We'll want to start the practice so were already set and ready in behaviors, once we do upgrade.

      Any dip is a gift to lessen averages, or add cheaply while the value of bmgp will only get stronger.

    • Betasplen,

      Congrats! Its too bad Mr. Hadley didn't get back to you, but I'm glad you were able to obtain verification. It's also nice to add another LANL name to the list of those we have spoken to.