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  • stockvader stockvader Oct 6, 2010 11:25 PM Flag


    Look, most of the big longs & strongs have sold eg. Beta >350K, Vader 170K etc. I know I held $20K+ worth of BMGP, more than most average people would out in a Pinksheet. Beta was at least double my investment. Beta was proly the largest retail shareholder after iron. But iron is an exception in this company.

    Now the PPS is falling as I have called. Insiders still have lots of shares to sell u. And one major retailer is likely to be selling with them too. They know the stock is on a downtrend now. If you think you should not pull your buy orders quickly and lets them dump shares onto u at prices that you will soon be bagholding, GLTY!

    This China crap to me is more than just a joke, there are discrepancies in the PRs that amounts more to fraud in my book. Also, what has a health diagnostics company to do with PVA plastic, biofuels etc? Completely different sectors, worlds apart! If I were the Chinese, won't I choose to merger with some US company in the SAME industry at least?? We all talk about adding value to business. Stop kidding us that a 44-Million asset company will sell itself to a no-rev PINKSHEET with NO AUDIT for a crappy 20M shares that is falling in price every day. And Joe said it would go to $1.50 with the completion of 1 or 2 mergers in official PR. And the also stated in their previous PR that merger is done deal, but why in the most recent PR it is not yet done? HOW MANY SHARES WERE SOLD WITHIN THOSE 2 PRs?

    Should you be hopping mad if you were a shareholder? GL

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    • This entire conversational thread wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the lack of honesty about audits, china, and quiet time.
      The integrity level of the pr guy is so low that it engenders this type of activity on every pos losing stock that he award winningly picks.

      I mean, let's get real. There he is pumping cskh again and it was his first half favorite of 2010 and now it's "right on track"??? Liar! MDHI is down 99% YTD. OPMG is down in the 70%s or more. YESD, his centerpiece is Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down for the year. PASO, KEYO, BIEL, PSPM....and don't get all jazzed about kblb unless you sell before he exits that one.

      1 year almost----and more excuses on his blahhhhhg again about the audit. You guys are like the donkey and he's dangling a carrot on a stick in front of you.

      The only reason I could think of for hoping that bmgp does well is pbar. He disagrees with me but he at least has decent qualities.

      You rail against me but you are rallying around a series of morons who tell you it's a 10 buck stock.

      All the while, it's quiet time and the pps falls. And the situation with the merger/acquisition (not the outright buy???) appears to have backed up.

      Best of luck to you, Pbar! But the rest..... I hope you lose every penny you put in every stock you buy.

      Ten buck stock LOL

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      • I do not mind people bashing the stock by pointing out things that are true and verifiable. The audit is valid, the toxicity of Joe Noel is valid, and the delays/broken promises are valid. I just get frustrated when people say things like "fraud" and "pump and dump" regarding this stock since this is obviously not the case. These are extremely strong statements to make without having proof to back it up. It actually sickens me to think of how many people Joe has hurt over the past couple of years. I strongly feel as adults it's our job to be held accountable, but saying something will triple over a short time period is reckless from someone who has been in the industry for so long. Sure some have made money on his stocks, but I'm sure many others are deep in the red. I strongly believe that Clayton didn't fully understand the extra baggage that came along with Joe. Don't worry, once the ball rolls I’m sure things will change.
        They need to kill the information leak and get this company running like it should be. Only_bm why no exciting new posts from you?
        I honestly don't think anyone actually rallies against bankit pointless posts and predictions. Is it bad that he is blocked but Vader/whogot are not? haha

      • Hey, bash stocks if u want...n u make some sense there, but "I hope you lose every penny you put in every stock you buy" to pbar is going a little too far don't u think? We shouldnt want people to lose money over management...just not fair n right.

    • thanks...dont worry, stalag, he wasn't even posting in those days. I can remember every minute of vitruvianboy or Vboy days. I was buying then.

    • Let me just reply u regarding this "you have information that others do not, therefore you are committing a fraud."

      I think that question can be posed to Iron who is close to JN from his frequent contacts with JN, as well as, dont quote me...introducing BMGP to JN. Go figure your insider info & fraud rubbish. I don't know..

    • Seems like u don't go very far back reading my post. I was very positive right up to the shocking Chinese fiasco. I can remember when u were subtlety bashing for shares too, while I was positive before China.

    • Looks like scare tactics to me.
      Read the Facts, good and bad,not an Opinion and make Your decission to buy or sell as you choose.
      Vader has been consistent, consistently negative.

    • pbar, as a long term investor myself, I think the game plan is still intact as long as they don't wash their hands off the IOBS. I don't think that will happen as the Claytons have spent way too much time in this field not to realize that it is the 800lb Gorilla in the room. But for whatever reasons, the gorilla has been now replaced by this 5 ton bull elephant called the "Get Rich Quick" scheme. For a pinkie, with no audited current revenue/profits, that's a lethal combination for serious investors (not traders).

      However this side venture goes, I hope Clay and co. will get back on track with the real gold mine ("Get Rich the old fashioned way" scheme) and focus on uplisting with whatever free time they have. Till I see evidence of both, I will be watching and not riding.

    • stockvader the thing is simple no one can predict the future of the market. neither you or joe or me or anyone.

      claiming that you can states leads to only two conclusions:
      -you have information that others do not, therefore you are committing a fraud.
      -you are trying to scare people into a massive selloff, again amounting to a fraud.
      mentioning the drop to pps of 0.06 is just bull, it was 0.07 and it was fukkin impossible to get any shares then. believe me i tried as hell.

      you forgot to use your "IMO" after the scary post.

      the fact is that the market moves up or down or sideways, and everybody should have their exit strategy.

      the fact is also that LANL deal is real, and the long term trend is bullsh. the fact is also that news are pending, and can come today or next week or in a month. same for the audit. i had DNDN when it was being bashed all over. and i have QSGIQ too. this is the name of the game, trade it to your liking.

      however please stop with the sad bashing posts stockvader, what is the point really, the stock will go down as low as the big trader will let it go. period. what you try to do is just sad man

    • No pbar. Medtrader never owned any stock in bmgp. I was once a long - the likes of beta, kcroyal, etc. I've been thru lots of ups & downs with the longs here. This year we had vitruvianboy dumping his shares on us at the doldrums, selling for as low as .06. Then we have the sly inconsistent davidmuise who trades his small amounts of shares - he pumps when he has shares, bashes after he sells. I've been here since last year bud. I know this stock as well as u do. I am real in my calls. I warned countless times, and pps was still held before because many were tricked by the PRs & CC put out. For example, I told beta that u cannot trust Clay's word during last CC that audit was out in a week. If one understands how audit works, then one can tell it is a ruse to keep PPS from falling right after the CC by giving 1 week of hope. That saves Clay & company face, because a tumble in PPS right after CC just sucks. Nice trick, but sorry, pink investor here can't be fooled. Of course, u can call these my opinions only. But hey, I say it for what its worth. And I don't pump while selling like many other old longs of our time. I made one smaller trade after selling at the start of the run when I called the China merger fiasco rubbish. Many had lots of time to sell, but u can't ignore the facts I put forward. Medtrader is rubbish as far as BMGP is concerned. I am simply protecting my fellow longs who have ears - I said that right from the very start of the run. I'm ranting, but I've proly helped more people financially regarding BMGP than JN. GL to u my man. However u think of me, u are the only long I respect after beta. Period.

    • I keep you off ignore since I have to admit some of the posts your are rahter funny. I know you mean no harm and basically just flood the board by stating the obvious.
      I just love the guys like vader/Med who pretend to care about the stock, but really they are just trying to cause fear. The market is cranking and I am making money so all is well with me. I am a long term investor so these pps swings don't really hinder my long term view on the growth of the company. I am just frusterated more than anything. Have a good night all!

    • go F&k Yourself!