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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Aug 9, 2012 9:31 AM Flag

    Catch 22

    Who would sell at these levels? We have the informant one, who has gone to great lengths to make us believe he was pro BMGP at one time. We have one id that only shows up on the days that Vmax mentions stalag. This same id post 1000 times on Fords board and twice here, both times, a few minutes after vmax has this stalag claim.

    Well back to my catch 22, doesn't look like the 50 messages a week about BMGP dirt, has the impact they want. First difficult to rock anyone who bought at .10, to sell at these levels. Very few shares were actually bought at .0015. I'm keeping track. Even the 10M share day was above these levels. There are buyers willing to step in, everytime this moves to the .0015 range. So I'm not alone in my madness, although vmax would like the board to think so. Didn't he say something, like there are more cockroaches in his kitchen then mine?

    I'm still questioning vmax intentions, are they good or bad? His comment about retards, well that doesn't come from any human being with good intentions. It shows lack of character and integrity. I witnessed yesterday several posts all claiming how righteous vmax is.

    If I wanted to save the world, I would be content on just presenting the facts as best I could and would feel that's all I can do, is supply as much info. I would not be confrontational, because I know in my heart my motives. I would not have a clever scheme of numerous id's showing support. That would not be necessary.

    Several years ago, I owned shares in NVLT, I questioned much of what that board believed was very positive news on the horizon. I was one starred so many times and when I saw the red flags, that something wasn't right, I pointed them out. I sold most of my shares before it collaspe. Toady when i peak back, it did something like a 100 for 1 reverse split now, I see those same individuals who one starred me, posting message after message how crooked the company is. I have thought about reviving my id back then and telling them I told you so. but I won't. In my heart I did what I thought best. I was correct, but some very nice investors lost money. They weren't nice to me, when i saw red flags. But I understood that going in. I had no id name smalls showing up, making my voice sound stronger.

    My point vmax. Take us down, but do it without malice. Ask beaves and butthead, that you go alone on this. Your confrontational style, well it's not winning me over and I agree with your posts. What's that say?

    Now please apoligize for the Special Olympics comment, better yet make a donation or be a smuck. Your choice.

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    • Vmax,

      Looking back at my post, I should have just posted the words, not the clip. After watching it, I thought it was inappropriate. Just like your comment about S/O.

      I'm just going with my gut. Somehow this is unacceptable with a few of you. That's not a concern of mine.

      If you feel you can talk a guy off the ledge this late in the game, go for it. Your style is questionable.

    • You think I'm a verbose and violent black man wearing a cheap suit while running errands/retrieving contraband for an underworld crime lord?

      THAT's funny....

      I've been thinking of lightening up on my number of posts'll probably give yourself the credit if I do...but I thought that may cheer you up a fact you've already done so once today.

    • <<I would not have a clever scheme of numerous id's showing support.>>
      LOL Stalag doesn't have a scheme. You are an idiot. Go to the AGM mb and search for "Stalag". I used a quote from Stalag for a long time. "Think hog hound vs. greyhound." which dates my posts back to 2010. His posts are tough to find you really think one person would run multiple IDs to validate they were once a long on a little POS pink sheet? You gotta be kidding me if you answer yes.

      Now search "Los Alamos" on the BMGP mb and go to the 4th page of posts. When you try to click on his post it says not found but he was excited about the relationship with the Los Alamos lab as he posted a link to news. I passed on BMGP when Stalag was excited. My history time period quoting Stalag on the AGM mb gives you a solid time frame when our paths crossed on the Yahoo mb's. The tech intrigued me and I think it could have been good to be invested in IF there was exclusive rights with the lab's technology for the U.S. market. Nothing stopping another biotech from coming in and running over this little pink sheet start up which appears to have been nothing more than a fraud. I feel for any who have lost hard earned money to fraudulent schemes.

      Best just to stay away from the pink sheets. Sorry about your luck vmax/stalag.

      BTW Billy, you have to be really bored out of your mind to read through my "1000 posts" on the Ford mb to see my occasional comments about global debt crisis. You should take note one of my posts here was about losing my shorts on Ford options. I just show up on a very rare occasion to see if I missed an opportunity and if Stalag was still around. Until I found that topic where Stalag announced his ID had been wiped by Yahoo (and now using Vmax) I thought he had disappeared and was a pumper for BMGP. Sadly, I discovered vmax/Stalag appears to be a sucker for a bad investment.

      "Take us down, but do it without malice." There wouldn't be any other reason for him to waste his time with a pink sheet. Malice is the only reason to spend the time required to expose a pink sheet company of possible fraud. Good luck Vmax.

      • 2 Replies to smalls_62
      • malice?

        "Enmity is the state of being an enemy or the feeling and disposition characterizing an enemy (compare ENEMY). Animosity denotes a feeling more active and vehement, but often less enduring and determined, than enmity. Enmity distinctly recognizes its object as an enemy, to be met or dealt with accordingly. Hostility is enmity in action; the term hostilities between nations denotes actual armed collision. Bitterness is a resentful feeling arising from a belief that one has been wronged; acrimony is a kindred feeling, but deeper and more persistent, and may arise from the crossing of one's wishes or plans by another, where no injustice or wrong is felt. Antagonism, as between two competing authors or merchants, does not necessarily imply enmity, but ordinarily suggests a shade, at least, of hostile feeling. Malice is a disposition or intent to injure others, for the gratification of some evil passion; malignity is intense and violent enmity, hatred, or malice. Compare synonyms for ACRIMONY; ANGER; HATRED."

      • Billy seems to be suffering from delusions just like vmax.

        Except he's on the other side of the fence as far as delusions go. Probably beeen reading the fraud pumpers at iHub too long.

        BTW, 90% of the pumpers from iHub got out late last month. They already ran for the hills when this hit .004.