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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 7, 2012 8:31 AM Flag

    Los Alamos

    The latest update on their site, is about a cancer detection with Opitical Waveguide Based Biosensor. They have designed a book to educated doctors or some biotech to move this towards FDA approval in my opinion. Will BMGP be part of this. Well if they get ahead of the curve, I feel they can find a partner in the world to test this. I plan on sending a e-mail to the IR department of a few biotech's I invest in. Clayton was very smart to have LA look into 100 test cartiage. But here's where I see the best part of early detection for breast cancer. This HH could be part of every female in the world getting a yearly test for early detection. That's billions of test a year. This could be a $5-10B market.

    Looks like Los Alamos wants FDA to look at this in the near future. I wrote Paul about this article, hopefully I get a reply. I don't know the age that women should be tested, but yearly is definitely in the cards. If this test proves to be reliable, bam, every primary doctor, every lab, every clinic would want one of thes and if they can do other tests, who knows how large this market is. I also read that TB is on the rise WW.

    Read the article on LA website, go to IHUB they have it easy to link to on the BMGP message board. This could be so large that Butcreme could maybe afford to learn Engish? Vmax and Bad-doggie, could maybe go work for BMGP, instead of the other side? Now is BMGP in a position to take advantage of this? I hope they are smart enough to patent the 100 cartiage test? I wonder if LA could look at a test for all the blood cancers? If you catch them early, you can through epigentics, give those people their lifes back.

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    • The breast cancer news is actually pretty old...I was still a new shareholder when that came out. The E Coli information is least to me. By the way, men get breast cancer too. Which would open up even more of a potential market in that arena.

      You say I could work for bmgp? I did....I bought common shares....lots of them.....but bmgp didn't work for me....they paid promoters and financers with the money...spent somewhere around $1MM on the chinese junk instead of Lathrop Engineering for development/ruggedization/miniaturization/trials/testing of IOBS....and I'm willing to bet that only the common shareholders have ever lost a penny on bmgp.

      E-lionheart? lloyd dohner? wakabayashi/jeff stone? Who's next?

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      • Who's next? Let's start all over and begin with you. The CEO put too much on his plate. Could you raise $2M in this market the last 3 years? I bought a hotel 10 years ago and needed $2M in financing and that was hard and I had a difficult time. That had a revenue stream, I had the necessary down payment, but had to work with the SBA. Talk about all the paperwork. The money they need is for something that will not produce revenues for years. I had immediate revenues and it was difficult,

        I believe Clayton need something bigger to get funding. The PVA maybe is that carrot he needed. Maybe it was for pumping? Los Alamos is real and that no one can deny. With home land security, Clayton was vetted. You not getting into those labs without it. You believe they drop the ball, I believe they advanced it up court. Now they have to make the shot at the buzzard, you're on the bench, because the coach took you out of the game and you're peeved and want them to miss. I'm in the stands waiting to see if they make the shot. I know time is running out, but they can win. That's what investing is about. You have a right to complain that they could have done other things to win early. Change defense, kept the starter in, pay to much for unproductive players. Paid for profession cheerleaders and hirered a mascot named Joe Noel. T

        They still have time to win the game. That's all I care about. The rest will resolve it self, they can trade you to the garage version of their technology and you can show the world a better way. You're better as a arm chair quarterback and sucked when you were in the game. You had every opportunity to get your money back. Now I want to see this team go into the playoffs and the best part, you won't enjoy a minute of it.

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