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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Oct 12, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    Somethings explained

    I had my call with Paul. He seems to be a nice man. Welcomes calls anytime. If vmax has any questions with what I post, I suggest he call Paul. This is what I was told and of course it means a delay. I was told that the funders actually want to increase their funding in the PVA. From $25M to over $100M. They want a plant built. Paul doesn't have a timeline, except that once things are in order, funding would arive in 7-10 days. He states the group wants the deal.

    Crada is fully completed. I asked about certain associations, JN for one. He stated that JN put $600K of his own money into BMGP. He states JN saved the company. I'm not here to argue about this claim. I don't know if JN stayed around with that investment.

    I asked long term plans on IBOS. If they receive funding, they will seek validation outside the US. Their goal has always been to prove it works and then sell the company. They could advance slowing themselves if no buyer. He stated that LANL validated it in the labs and Paul was present.

    I asked about previous China ventures that didn't materialize. He stated they just couldn't get funding. I asked about dilution and his answer is that they need money to run the company, it's a neccessary evil.

    I asked about the recent 50% haircut. I got a flimsy excuse. Did I hear somethings that were actually discussed by us on this board. Yup. Which makes me think that Paul reads this. Maybe he picks up talking points from us?

    Paul gave me about 20 minutes of his time. I asked about future dilution. He stated there's a chance that they would need to sell 12M shares. This depends on when financing comes.

    I don't have to share these details. I'm sure vamx is already planning to spin it his way.

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    • bright.right Oct 12, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

      You are generous with your information. Thank you, Sincerely, Cindy

    • davidbehnke Oct 12, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

      Thanks Billy, and Paul for the update.
      Maybe you two could do this every couple of weeks.
      I think that would provide a positive impression of the companies efforts.
      And everyone should remember the wonderful new feature
      that allows you to not recieve post from broken records.

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      • 2 Replies to davidbehnke
      • I bought shares originally because of JN. If I had not average down, I would be out $1,500.00. I posted what Paul stated. I'm sorry that the JN stuff triggers such hatred. Paul stated that JN saved the company. Not me.

        You can discredit me all you want. These are the facts. It seems that vmax has been exposed and now you need to attack me. Gentleman, I'm an investor and I get riled just like you do. I was there the day JN and Iron pulled the #$%$. I had never heard of BMGP before the exchange on Biel board with those two.

        I believe in the IBOS and PVA. Shoot me. I own 1,190,000 shares that I paid for. I forward on Tuesday to Paul the post on IHUB and the accusations made there on the word Hong Kong. He wrote me back to call him, asking me to call him.

        I like other investors worry about this investment. We have skin in the game. We look at the stuff vmax puts forward and question why he has to cross a line on it. He loses me, when he hides things and puts down investors. You're ucking beef is with management. IS this scam, I just don't know.

        In your world you want no one to see a psoitive outcome. I give this a 10% chance of happening. But that is pot odds for me. Sometimes you stay in a hand, so you don't get bluffed of it. I expect to lose, but I will lose on my terms. Not from 12 ids that have no respect for investors feelings.

        I have lost money in the stock market and I have never ever taken it out on the investors who remain. Even Vmax has admitted he bought shares, knowing JN reputation. How sick is that!!!!!

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      • davidbehnke Oct 12, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

        One other comment...
        Clayton did a confrence call maybe June 2010, and he made it clear that IBOS would be sold when the right time came, which I considered vey wise, then and now.

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    • Joe noel is a lying pumper who was paid millions of shares before he claimed to ever know about this stock. He lied over and over with prs that ANYONE can look up. The money was supposedly there over and over according to clayton.
      This is a pure pump and dump and has costmany lots of money while helping JN and clayton line their pockets while people like billy are likely paid to prop their sorry tails up.
      Nope, just look at the old posts, prs and joenoel's blog.
      It was based on a joe noel lie and it failed on a joe noel lie.
      Keep pumping billy. They're likely giving you free stock to do your job you jbag.