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  • chewymalt1200 chewymalt1200 Oct 17, 2012 10:04 PM Flag

    anyone call them recently

    Just asking?

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    • I reported last week that I spoke to Paul. I learned a valuable lesson. I have to balance what I want to believe. The biggest mistake I can make is not to lose my investment here,it is to cause someone else to do that also. I hold out hope that they can find financing, but have my reservations. Do bankers look at project and then enhance the funding? I have problems with that.

      I have seen 80M shares of dilution, in the past few years. I was told last week they may dilute again. They give me hope (increase to the scope) and change (dilution). That didn't work to well for the country and it may not work real well for this investment.

      They now have to follow through on something. I have tried hard to find things that are real and that is difficult with this stock. I accept that this could be bogus stuff being fed to us, in hopes we create a stir. I remain a investor, with great caution.

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      • Billy

        "Do bankers look at project and then enhance the funding? I have problems with that. "

        I saw an ad for a "compostable plastic bag in Forbes the other day. It talked of the major change it was going to bring. What I found interesting was that the bag required a special compost in order to breakdown. Now if this is being advertised as a great breakthrough, then imagine one that can compost naturally. That ad led me to think someone may want to get a better hold on this technology.
        On a previous thought, I really think you do the best job of compiling questions and forwarding untarnished replies back to us Billy. I would like for you to talk with them every couple of weeks to have questions on their progress answered. Other growing companies are constantly making presentations to potential investor groups on a regular basis, and this could serve that purpose with BMGP.

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      • billy,

        What you posted last week had zero affect on the share price. We already knew the scope of the deal was changed. You just put a number on it. But you could be correct, that management could use investors to put info out there for them, that may be only hype.

        Keep the faith. The things that I view as psoitive, LANL updated on IBOS. They are not handing out shares to management and we don't see insiders selling shares. Just one piece has to fall in place. I think they get this done.

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