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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Dec 17, 2012 5:20 PM Flag


    Looks like Paul changed his e-mail address. If anyone needs it I have the new one. Still waiting on a reply from him. Trading today was sad.

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    • you mentioned claytons 'removal'...

      "I'm kind of curious why some investors today felt that old debt holders gaining control of the shell would be a good thing. Don't investors worry that the new owners would then sell off the assets to pay off those debts leaving xxxx as nothing but a worthless shell again with no assets, only other debts. Then the new owners would settle up with the other debt holders by paying them off in large blocks of free trading shares followed by a reverse split to clean up the shell before moving forward. I suppose the other option would be for the receiver to sell the shell to some new dirty penny stock CEO who will then transfer the remaining debt Notes to "non-affiliated" buddies, make the terms of the conversion of debt even more favorable for the new Note holders, then convert the debt Notes into free trading shares to be diluted for insider enrichment. I've seen that happen following a receivership taking place.

      I guess at this point anybody taking control of this shell over from xxxx would be a good thing. I think investors grew tired of his broken promises, misleading press releases, and misleading statements."

      And the patents would go to whom? I don't know..but I think that's the prize in this little game.....lanl/s may or may not have known who they chose to bed with.......

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      • Vmax,

        What was the second RTO you got a wedgie from? So when you look in the mirror do you see a smart man?

        Apparent all you have left is too scare investors. I bet JN and Iron and gammar miss you. Not too often does the FISH JUMP IN THE BOAT. TWICE! Happy new year. Most us longs just chuckle at your antics. Specially when you get desperate.

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