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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jan 28, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    Vermin Poontang

    You made an excellent point. I cannot disagree with a single point. I lived the investment and so has many of the longs. But that doesn't matter. When we averaged down at .0015 range, we did it as a gamble that they keep working on getting financed. Will it happen, low odds, can it happen, you bet. Payoff priceless.

    It's amazing how so many, can name every single event the past three years. So well prepared. Almost like it's rehersed. What if the new penny scam, is taking a viable plan and sabotage it. (Not that the Hardmans needed any help) Someone has accumulated a huge position. Would they need help in making sure everyone understood the deceit here. I think so. Well that's what I'm gambling on. The minute I posted this message a advertisement was soon to follow. It outlines each and every event.

    My gut feeling tells me that the constant bombardment is orchestrated. Look if PVA is real and goes public down the road, that is a huge windfall for BMGP. If they go public at $20 a share, that's $100M for BMGP. If someone owns 75% of this company, that's a lot of Bling. Specially if you pick up most of these shares for $875K (75% of 175M x .005). You might be looking at $75M. This is just one few of many I have on this company. But it does makesome sense.

    Not getting my shares.

    Sentiment: Hold