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  • truthsayer70 truthsayer70 Jan 28, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    YEAH, WE TALKED TODAY--ring, ring-"Hi Paul"

    Called before noon EST- he picked right up, even knew my name. He said they sold about 11 Mil shares for cash flow. Still working on the same deal- PVA...
    Multiple groups of investors dividing up pie for this deal (actually a pretty nifty size deal, IMO) and if this all flies...some funds (he told me the amount but not of your business) will go for BMGP and their own projects. Not a ton, but enough to do a lot...

    Story is the same- waiting on funds which is difficult for any penny. Many pennies get crushed because they only have a pipe dream. Is this real or is it memorex? Get the hell out and sell them all while you can...I am patiently waiting for my 2's and 1's. Sink or swim???

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    • You folks must be sex addicts, no matter how many times you get screwed you come back for more. The same song and dance that's been going on for years and oh, by the way, we sold more stock, we got expenses you know. And you still call them up to get the latest lie. Those guys are real professionals. Did they happen to mention how many felony convictions their partners have? Ever notice they never tell who they're dealing with? You don't wanna know.

    • TS,

      The funds going to BMGP, is it less than the $2M we have heard for a long time? Clayton had stated no more dilution, then they diluted 11M additional shares. That makes it 186M shares outstanding. Hope these multiple groups get off their butts and make this happen.

      Bottom line we need to hear something that can be validated.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I was also told it was~11 million shares.