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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jan 29, 2013 5:40 PM Flag


    Two questions. Did paul level with you about dilution, when you spoke to him? The second question , did you read the China article about SPI? You may want to forward article to paul. Read the article you will know why.

    Big leagurers. Do you have a name? I guess I had three questions. Oppsy daisy.

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    • Hey Billy,
      I did not discuss the latest dilution because I had expected it from previous talks. I actually thought someone had put it on the board that it could happen. We had talked about the possible need for cash to meet agreements with our potential investors. I knew he was filing the quarterly with the OTC as we spoke, found the report an hour later to be as expected, and did not need to cal lhim back.

      I had read the SPI article but discounted it. Prior to and since our involvement there has only been the term biodegradable, never any of the terms they used. What was it oxo or something like that?

      As to the big leaguers, Paul provided me with his former position and I spent a boat load of time chasing him down. But with some of the folks that like to bad mouth anyone associated with BMGP, I am not sharing any info here.

      My faith is such that I am now fighting with whether to pick up another million or not. You look at the potential and man......

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      • this from hardman march 2010....

        “We are very pleased to announce that we have made significant progress toward organizing our research, engineering and clinical trial partnerships in order to accelerate the timeframe for delivery of the world's first commercially available integrated optical biosensor,” commented Clayton Hardman, CEO of Biomagnetics"

        wanna see his pva/biofuel statements again?

      • Hardman lied to shareholders in 2010/11...he produced false press releases stating definitive timeframes for closing of 'deals' and engineering/development/testing/commercialization of the IOBS technology and the PVA and the biofuel 'deals' and wildly overstated business prospects and revenue projections....

        If....IF...these 'groups' are legitimate, which I seriously doubt, and IOBS development FINALLY does make some forward progress hardman will still be just another pinksheet ceo who stole from investment minded shareholders...he's never delivered before excepting dilutive shares to convicted securitites fraud felons such as stone, dohner and e-lionheart and stock promoters such as noel and equititrend...why should one believe 'this time' is different? Because paul 'says so'?

        Hardman owes investors their money back.............