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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Feb 1, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    What's up for grabs


    I have you on ignore. So most of the time you are insignificant. I did ask a question about patents on PVA. I got the impression paul would send me some info on how I could look them up. He stated later, that this info wasn't his to give. As for the other question about IBOS over? I don't it. This is why no one can take the bashers seriousily, they make stuff up in hopes to scare you. Big turn off. I bought 1,175,000 shares, because of these games and I'm still up double on where I got in.

    So where should we invest vmax? Should we invest in VAPR? Why are you calling the CEO and spending 20 minutes with him. You have a basis of $153.00 a share after the split. So how come you calling them? What a dope. I may lose on one RTO, but you jumped into two of them and didn't think for a second. In my book that makes you an idiot. Now keep playing your games. The last time this trade down here, some of us longs loaded up.

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    • Billyteex

      I dont know how long people have been around this one, but most of the posts are from that Dwight Daniels from the old Joe Noel days. He's been on a few Joe stocks in the past. Once he start's you usually see dupilcate id's made of those most commonly used in that board. He will alwasy say he only needs and uses one aliases. He's been caught on here many times. So it safe to assume he's been caught on others as well. Supposedly he a rather older gentleman who according to some posts people made about him. He's one of those crabby old men, who owns birds. For those who see them all show up and leave together for years, shows this is about all he has. I dont have them on ignore in case there might be something of use. But when you see the message chain and its all them, those I dont waste time reading. His most popular ones recently have been templaria, badd_dogg, wbarnes, and his ilikepinkhyphen. But he has a lt more. Then there is Vmax,old stala. Almost all the aliases are by those two people. Its sad really.

      I like to stay up to date on a few here who take the time and talk to them as well. I spoke to Paul this week, and though theyre waiting for the deal to close, theres quite a few things that are being worked on since as they say "we can wake up anyday and the money will be in the account" . Paul says they have a few news releases that will immediately follow once they can see the cash in their account. Weve talked through a few things, but nothing in depth. Like a couple others on here, I am debating whether to pick up another million shares down here. If the dominos begin, there is supposedly going to be a sequence of fundings to follow. Paul speaks of it as one really big deal, but that one thing happening kicksoff the next one. This is just my opinion, but it should be like 2 million first, with 25 million to follow once the 2 million commits to that levels certain thing. Then I belive they believe the 25 will then set up thingsi its things. Once that get to a spot in the progress the 75 million will kick in and it will do its thing. They has talked about someother areas wanting to be the main source for funding after the first year, for growth in the business as it can now start to penetrate markets. Over a hundred million in a year, with couple hundred million committed to really get it going everywhere.

      Dont be fooled by those who post the most because this is almost a slam dunk right now. When it happens it should happen fast. Thas why im debating more shares down here.A million shares for $3,500 today, should see a million dollars within 12 months as by the third level to kick in, its should be over the $1.00 price range.

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      • Bc,

        I plan on calling paul next week, but after reading your post to billy, I have some questions. You mention $2M, $25M, $75M. Are you talking about funding for the PVA or IBOS? If they only get $2M intitially for PVA, what is BMGP's cut? We were told the scope had gone from $25M to $100M on PVA.

        Here's what I understood originally $25M for PVA, out of which BMGP gets $1M upfront and 4 installments of $250K, for a total of $2M and 5m shares of the PVA company. They would take the $2M and advance the IBOS and hopefully sell it or partner it.

        Is this basically what your saying is still in the works. I understand the scope could increase to $100M. IBOS gets funded with the $2M. ($1M and four $250K installments) The way you worded this, The $2M is the beginning amount to do the PVA and I'm not sure how much is BMGP's?


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      • over $100M is incoming!

        I can prove it! How!? you may ask...because I post a lot! that proves it! I post a lot and that makes the funding claims legitimate! Don't you get it? YOU should buy buy buy because I post a lot!

        (just ignore the dozens of lying press releases issued by hardman/bmgp and the millions of dollars acquired via issuance of dilutive shares....bmgp is a buy buy buy gonna streak throught the sky! because I post a lot......)