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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Feb 7, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    Isn't that special

    We see numerous new ids of vmax. He must think that the old ones all being ignored. Why would anyone ignore vmax? If you listen to him several years ago, you would have thought TTCH was the greatest investment in the world. Then that collaspe, so what does this smart guy do? He invests in BMGP and promotes the china deals, like they were his idea.

    Today he wants his money back. Someone this dumb, would only blow it again. I love this part. TTCH put out a PR, mind you it was only a .07 stock. They stated they had exhaust all the Glass reinforced composite plastic in china, now where headed to the USA. Did vmax back up the bus on that announement?

    Knowing that his shares of VAPR would need to get to $153 a share to breakeven, vmax on the horn to the new CEO. You can't make this stuff up. VAPR trading at .31.....vmax you only need $152.69 per share to get your money back. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Now he wants us to listen to him and not ignore a single word. Hopefully in the next few weeks, the hardmans show us that they are not #$%$. They have used their last phone a friend. For many of us, this is a gamble. We didn't spend funds we couldn't lose. Most of us are now profitable. Amen. The bashers have tried every scheme they can imagine, but still have zero crediability. The hardmans have lost all crediability, but there's a big difference. The hardmans need only to tell one truthful event and the focus will shift in gear again.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • if it gets lower, may I use funds to dollar cost average some more. Im not ahead, but Im still in the game unlike VMAX

    • "Hopefully in the next few weeks, the hardmans show us that they are not #$%$."

      You keep saying, the next few weeks. You continue to say that Hardmans have the next few weeks to show you something, or you will have to just accept that they are BS'ing everyone. Since months have passed during your, "next few weeks", you arent accepting the fact that they are continuing to do the same things to their shareholders. I've been around here long enough to see who mostly uses what in their posts. There are more ID's created by that tempelariat than vmax. That dwight guy trys to get people to believe things that arent happening. That Vmax guy trys to get people to believe that the Hardmans are up to the same tricks by bringing up the past to point out that same pattern. Tempelariat, as baddogg, wbarnes, tried to make me out as bashing to get a cheaper buy price. Theres been plenty of shares lately. Anyone waiting on a crash for a lower buy price has come in and is still available. .0165 to .002 and .003's again proved that not everyone who calls them didnt hear for themselves they were BS'ing. Weeks before Thansgiving I shared that the deal everyone felt they were so close on, fell though. That there wouldnt be anything until 2013, and that was them starting over. Their next few weeks has expired, and they hope a few will help keep selling their "next few weeks". The hardman's have nothing to trust about them.