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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Feb 8, 2013 10:54 AM Flag


    Since vmax wants to show us how dumb we are, I thought it only right that we express our gratitude. TTCH was a RTO that vmax...aka hornet22 on IHUB, took it on the chin. Whogotdataudit pulled this from stalag and reposted how vmax was crying about his investment and how he had a basis of .076 per share. TTCH did a reverse split of 2000 for 1. I did the math and that works out that his basis is now $152.00 a share. How many shares vmax owned? But he posted 17 messages none stop on IHUB, I copied this one:

    "The shell? of TTCM China was recently sold to Robert Stevens of Denver CO, apparently during a shareholders meeting held in Cheyenne Wyoming June 2011. Mr. Stevens is associated with X-Clearing Corp. in Denver.

    TTCH (ttchd new)recently announced a 1:2000 reverse split. No other information is known per the share structure and Mr. Stevens stated that a new business to merge into the shell had not yet been found in a telephone conversation I had with him approx. 2 weeks ago. "

    If you want a great laugh go to VAPR on IHUB and read all his posts. If vmax owned 50,000 shares of this ttch, he now owns a whooping 25 shares. The phone call to the new CEO, cost him more than his total holdings now. To top this off, what does he do after getting it handed to him, he jumps in on the china deal band wagon with BMGP. Insulting concerned investors.

    He pumped the heck out of TTCH. He erased all his post on stalag. Why? Because they link his history. He pumps the heck out of china deals, then spends years bad mouthing the companies. Apparent vmax lives by this motto: Fool me once shame on you, fool me 30 times, shame on me.

    In 2009/2010 many concerned investors questioned this stock. He didn't listen or care to investigate. Now he spends 20 hours a week posting all the B$. Something's not right with this guy. From reading the Pr's by the CEO of TTCH, they stated they had exhausted all the plastic business in China and were headed to the USA for growth. He bought into this.

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    • What is nice is the Hornett22 old posts are still around on VAPR. makes for a great read going back to those days of old, when vmax is accountable for his pumping of these stocks.

      Most likely, when whogotdataudit, stumpled onto the messages that stalag left. Vmax didn't like this info out there. So he had to erase his posts. Can't have those things hanging out there. His mistake was posting to IHUB.

      Keep your fingers crossed he gets his $152 a share back on VAPR. If he had bought BMGP at the lowes, he could today get all his money back. Oppsy daisy.

      This is the same guy, daily trying to talk us off the ledge. Insulting investors.

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