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  • arql07 arql07 Feb 14, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Getting real close

    I see a run to .0175. Then news will break.

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    • You maybe right arql. Tomorrow should be a tougher day to get cheap shares.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • If they did get funding any thoughts on share price move. My guess it spikes to .10-.12 range and settles around .08 area. Would like to hear other investors thoughts.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Someone is still trying to buy quite a few at .003. The 240k on the ask today wasnt up for 5 minutes before they changed it to .003. Teh 240k added to one of the 10ks in the system to sell a block of 250k. So whoever that is thats been buying, stits knowing they are getting some here and there to come down in price. I wish I knew who was buying these amounts, knowing there hasnt been any official news released. The only updates anyone is getting is calling them. So i would assume this buyer is one who calls in. I know from my talks with them they are expecting this to be able to be released soon. They are very careful to not slip with details on my calls. They have mentioned more than once about being careful with information that could be considered insider. I dont ask about that, but they mention it at times, so its easy to come away with knowing there is something thats juicy enough that they would think was insider. Especially, since its not me bringing it up. Im always trying to pick up on these little thiings, that should stand out. Thats why I continue to call them. Once they talk to me and they dont seem concerned about slipping insider info, I would take away thoughts that the latest, must have fallen through. I try to ask certain things to see what kind of reation they make. Listen carefully, and you can hear them change a little if the conversation is heading into a cautious area. I don't know how close they are, but I know how this has reacted in the past with just a little attention. The .049 52 week high, was easily hit with one small awareness campaign. So if our day comes seniors, we know it has to be big, since we know what the next major announcent should be.

      As someone posted yesterday, I agree this will close up with 10k at the close, for a reason. Thats what helps them get the .003's they do get. A 20% drop could trigger some selling, and has done that a few times already. Its not a stock to easily flip like this.