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  • chewymalt1200 chewymalt1200 Feb 15, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

    vmax to get a pay raise

    minimum wage looks to get hiked again

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    • Chewy,

      With 1.35 an hour raise, in no time he will have his money back. Have you noticed, he changed his tune from they owe Me My Money Back, to they owe investors their money back. Classy dude.

      I see a common mistake with vmax. When he falls in love, he's blind and when he's scorned, he wastes twenty hours a week.

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste. How does vmax handle it, if they do get financing? First he will wet himself, but how well will he handle the news?

      Vmax's problem is he's Always over confident. I must go easy on the poor fella, he took a set back on Friday with VAPR. I wonder if he was on the phone to the CEO, finding out the news?

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to billyteex1
      • You have no facts to back up your positive sentiment on the bmgp pump dump scheme so you attack THAT'S classy...

        And your fiction stories of boards I've posted on...who wastes more time?

        Here's a little funny for you...a similar case of cognitive "mother-effing questions for the sec"......choe also felt that pump dump schemes were legitimate business sure to report your findings and post some positive verifiable facts pertaining to bmgp would you? They seem to be very very scarce.......

    • It's not like it's hard to find negative info on bmgp/the hardmans....just pick a press release...ANY press release...they're all misleading bullcorn long does it take to google "biomagnetics diagnostics press releases" and get a list of them from hardmans' own website?

      They're simply a pump dump scheme operating out of an office in california which issues press releases and dilutive shares to bagholder retails....the REAL challenge would be to find some POSITIVE about the company.....something they've accomplished which has enriched more than a few at the expense of and your other id's could try that...but we both know that the pickin's would be pretty slim on that one.

      hardmans owe investors our money back