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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Feb 21, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Yesterday's trades

    Looking over them, they were mostily all trades less than 200,000 shares. It wasn't one person looking for 5M shares. Newbies how did you hear about BMGP? Just curious?

    You will notice some concerned former investors, who will beat you up. Just ignore the man behind the curtain. Only kidding, he once was the great OZ, he pumped the daylights out of BMG in 2009/2010. He now spent two years posting 20 messages a week telling us to stay away. He maybe right?

    Here's what we hope is happening, but we also have heard this for over a year. The company has a partnership with a china company that produces a biodegradeable plastic. Investors were misled in the past on these deals, so do your DD. Read vmax's previous posts. He knows his stuff, the reason some of us didn't follow his advice is that he wants to shove it down our throats. Just like he wanted to shove the pump down our throats. Vmax is a strange dude. Uses multiple id's to validate his points.

    I give this a 20% chance of happening, so please don't think for a second that I don't doubt this company. There track record is poor at best. They did do some things that gives longs hope. They partnered with Los Almos which can be verified and we believe paid some serious money for a pathogen detection unit that los Almos developed. Then BMGP enetered into 4 China deals and pumped these deals. The main deal was a new plastic that is biodegradeable. It also has some unigue qualities. The CEO and his son are telling investors they are shopping the China PVA business and may have found frunding. At this point they have to show me, before I buy the story. If they do actually have funding, here's the story as I understand it. The funding is $25M+, out of that BMGP gets $2M ($1m upfront and $250K in 4 installments over the next year, plus BMGP gets 5M shares in the new China deal. We have heard this story for the past year, so be careful.

    The IBOS is real, the China deals are hard to verify. Some articles only. Maybe paid for by BMGP.

    The bashers will say we are pumping to sell our shares. I have not sold one single share. I could have made a very nice profit, but my gut saids roll the dice. I base this on how hard the basher here, has tried to discourage us. Do some DD, read the former Pr's, they didn't live up to what we thought was in the works. I own a lot of shares, I own 1/154th of this company's outstanding shares. What I posted here, is a long shot. I intentionally left out some of the lastest inticements that the CEO stated. I would be lying to you, to say I trust this company much. I do believe in the IBOS technology and hang on to the hopes the PVA plastic film is real. The decision to buy,sell or hold are each individuals responsibility to do some investigation. The bashers have the story correct, I don't believe any long would dispute the storyline. Glad to see some new id's, wish you the best. Don't risk funds that you cannot lose. If you do you will end up like vmax.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • chortle...quite the accomplished storyteller you've become, bt...glad to see you at least admit some measure of enlightenment concerning the hardmans' little pump and dump scheme...

      However...your attacks against me...or more specifically your fabrications concerning my positions, holdings and motivations lead to me to distrust you completely and without reservation....that said...

      BOL to you and all trying to make an honest buck...but ONLY if the buck you are trying to make is in fact honest...and you haven't shown anything at all in that fact I believe you only give a single inch due to the preponderance of evidence that this is a pump dump scheme operated by liars and utilizing liars to further their cause.....

      Potential longs beware.....and be wary.....

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      • Vmax,

        Why did you erase your pumps, if you are such a stand up man? You went from pumping TTCH to pumping BMGP. You didn't for a second question anything in 2009/2010. Until the share price fell, then you had a eye opening experience. I suggest you open your eyes before you buy the story. You lost on two RTO's in a very short period of time. maybe more?

        From yesterdays numerous posts by you and the gang of 12, I see that you are not happy the share price moved up. You posted for two years and if they do get funding, everyone of your posts is MOOT. But you go on playing your little game. If we listen to you for the past few years, here's what we would have gotten ourselfs in.

        Following Vmax's advice we would have bought TTCH around .076, today that would be worth .000019 each share. Then follow his next advice buy BMGP at .10. Maybe we get out around .05, this is about the time he finally woke up. If we had $1,000,000 at the beginning following his advice we would maybe now have $100.00.

        Instead I follow my own path, My $3500 investment in BMGP is now worth $6,307.00. Like any of us should trust the former pumper like you. That's a joke. I say do the opposite of what vmax tells you to do and you will live a much better life. BTW you attacked me first. You just don't like friendly fire. Oppsy daisy.

        I agree potential longs, beware of what I post and listen to vmax. That's the plan. Vmax's TTCH investment needs to get to $152 a share for him to breakeven. He feels the need to contact the ID too post under. Get your rest.

        Sentiment: Hold