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  • gaelics.1001 gaelics.1001 Feb 21, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    My posts these last two days

    I am new to these boards. Frustrated with BMGP? Yes. Desperate? No. I will not be posting again. As noted, I do NOT WANT these guys making an announcement without substance again just to hype up the stock to dump a bunch more shares to fund the next quarter. Period. If they do, I will be able to sell my shares and hopefully break even and close this chapter once and for all. I am hopeful that they announce something actually concrete. Yet, we shall see. Good luck to all and BMGP.

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    • Interesting today vmax posts almost the same theme...hmmmm. Why so much deceit?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Why so much deceit?...Funny, that's exactly what I was going to ask you billy, I mean chewy, I mean gregdedems, I mean riley, I mean buttcreme....why do you talk to yourself so much? Is it because you are a trying to deceive this message board and it's readers into thinking that BMGP is anything but a scam run by you and your hopeless, spittlechinned daddy? That's what I think. You haven't worked a day in your life; you're worthless and will never make a serious contribution to anybody or anything. You're a selfish, scamming dolt. But you already knew that, and so does everyone who follows your musings on this board.

    • You've already posted again, after saying you were not posting again, 10 minutes ago. Yes, you look desperate and dumb, now. Like someone who has to get the last word. I guess we will now await your either your next alias to be created today, or one of your regulars. Why go out of your way to look dumber? Just wait and see if this holds. Why would it?